Microsoft Flight Simulator: Sim Update 2 ( Patch Notes - VR Support, Free Liveries

Microsoft Flight Simulator has just received its latest update with the Sim Update 2.

The game is as close as you can get to being in a plane without actually being in one, but now it has gotten even closer.

VR Support

Microsoft Flight Simulator now supports VR (Virtual Reliaty), allowing players to get an even greater experience of flying and being in control of the aircraft.

"The long awaited VR feature is now available for all to play. MSFS VR allows you to play in Virtual Reality using supported HMDs (Head Mounted Displays) and brings a new level of immersion to the simulator."


The dev team have added holiday lights to 12 iconic landmarks across the globe.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Snow Sim Update 2
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SCAVENGER HUNT: The devs have decorated 12 iconic landmarks, can you find them all?

They haven't given any information on which landmarks got the lights, so players will have to jump in and go exploring themselves.

There are also three bonus landmarks with lights, which differ depending which update you install.


  • Virtual Reality is now available to all users as a free update for all OpenXR-compliant headsets! Visit the VR options menu in-game to enable the feature.
  • Two new training missions will help you take off and land with the Airbus A320neo.
  • Live Weather is enhanced with Meteo blue data to include snow and ice coverage.
  • Spotlight Event now features an Airbus A320neo Landing Challenge. See how well you do after training!
  • Sam and Rufus liveries for the Aviat Pitts Special S2S
  • Aviators club livery for all 30 planes available in the Marketplace for free!
  • Test pilot livery for all 30 planes will be granted to all Alpha and Beta testers!

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Patch Notes

As with every update, the developers have been hard at work trying to make Microsoft Flight Simulator the best simulator it can be, helping to give players the closest experience to real life flying.

There are many fixes and issues that have been addressed in the latest Sim Update 2.

To read the full patch notes, click here.

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