Will EA Sports FC have Ultimate Team?

EA Sports FC

EA Sports FC

EA Sports FC will signal the start of a brand-new franchise, with major features already being leaked ahead of this release.

EA and FIFA announced their split last year and EA Sports FC will now become the flagship football gaming franchise.

With that in mind, let's take a look at which modes will be returning in EAFC.

Will EA Sports FC have Ultimate Team?

Early leaks have suggested that Ultimate Team will be returning in EA Sports FC

Ultimate Team has become the flagship mode for EA in recent years, with packs, promos and new seasons making this the most diverse offering in the FIFA franchise.

EA Sports FC
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NEW FRONTIERS - EA Sports FC will be bigger and better than any FIFA release

Considering that, there's no chance that EA will be leaving out this mode when it comes to the arrival of their brand new franchise.

However, we could - and maybe should - see some major changes to the mode, with plenty of suggestions being made as to how EA can strip back FUT and make it a more streamlined and enjoyable experience.

With EA hinting that FIFA were the ones holding them back, we could see Ultimate Team become bigger and better than ever.

EA Ultimate Team

Despite plenty of concerns among the FIFA community, we now have confirmation that EA will be bringing their own version of Ultimate Team to EA Sports FC.

Perhaps we could finally see certain long-awaited features introduced to Ultimate Team that the userbase has been asking for for years.

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EVERY TIME - This man has been included in countless promotional events

First of all, we'd love to see more promo player variety. There has been far too much recycling of the same old cards within promos over the past few years and player upgrades are becoming too big, too soon.

The main idea behind this is to achieve a more steady power throughout the year.

We'd also like to see a new gameplay meta in EA Sports FC, with the community loving this year's title not being focused purely on pace.

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