Will EA Sports FC have Career Mode?

EA Sports FC

EA Sports FC

EA Sports FC will signal the start of a brand-new franchise, with major features already being leaked ahead of this release.

EA and FIFA announced their split last year and EA Sports FC will now become the flagship football gaming franchise.

With that in mind, let's take a look at which modes will be returning in EAFC.

Will Career Mode be in EA Sports FC?

Right now, there is no confirmation on the modes that will feature in EA Sports FC, although we have seen some leaks that have provided an early indication.

The leaks suggest that a number of FIFA features will move over to EA Sports FC, with a new version of Career Mode rumoured to arrive.

Whilst we're unsure if Career Mode in the traditional sense will feature, it has been mooted that an online Career Mode will appear in EA Sports FC.

EA Sports FC
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NEW FRONTIERS - EA Sports FC will be bigger and better than any FIFA release

An online Career Mode does what it says on the tin, allowing you to challenge mates or other online players with an authetnic club, making transfers and challenging for titles.

The leaks are yet to indicate whether a traditional version of Career Mode is to feature, but we'd be amazed if this wasn't the case.

Career Mode is the oldest feature in the FIFA franchise and has gained a passionate and vocal community, something EA won't want to lose.

How will online Career Mode work?

We are in unprecedented times, so we can only speculate on how an online Career Mode could work in EA Sports FC at this moment.

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PLEASE EA - We'd love to see an online Career Mode in EA Sports FC

There's a chance EA could integrate it as a PvP-style game mode where various teams in a league are controlled and managed by other random players.

However, this seems a bit of a stretch, and we think there's a greater possibility we see a more social mode introduced, allowing you and your friends to play together in a private league.

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