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With the Premier League season on hold, the top-flight of English football has made sure that there is some live action for its fans.

This comes in the form of the ePL Invitational - a FIFA 20 tournament consisting of the club's players and famous fans.

We have now reached the semi final stages of the competition.

You can watch the live stream here.

Trent Alexander-Arnold 3 - 2 Raheem Sterling (15:30)

Liverpool vs Manchester City

Trent Alexander-Arnold is arguably one of the best players out there on Fifa 20 and he really showed his skill today.

Coming back from being 2-0 down, he managed to come back to make it 2-2. And then, in just 2 mins of golden goal...he absolutely destroyed Sterling's defense and landed the winning goal.

Throughout, Trent did a great job of staying incredibly calm - one to watch as he moves on into the final!

Dwight McNeil 1 - 4 Diogo Jota (16.00)

Burnley vs Wolverhampton Wanderers

Wolves maestro Diogo Jota was up early and by half time has secured a 2-0 advantage. Shortly after half time, Dwight scored a quick goal and looked to be back in the game - however this didn't last long as Jota got another goal in to make it 3-1.

The final nail in the coffin came from a late goal from Jota, leaving it at 4-1.

Jota looked calm, collected and incredibly skilled. He goes onto face Trent in the final. This is going to be one exciting game, which could go either way!

Trent Alexander-Arnold 1 - 2 Diogo Jota (17:00)

Liverpool vs Wolverhampton Wanderers

Amazing final with Trent going up 1 - 0 to start, but followed after some time with Jota bringing in a very stylish goal to make it 1 - 1.

Went to Golden Goal, at after some seriously impressive attempts from both players, Jota finally finished it to win the ePL Premier League Invitational.

Live Stream

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