Quiz: The hardest FIFA 20 / PES 2020 quiz ever created

If you think you know FIFA, think again. Even die hard fans will struggle in this ultimate test.

Alastair Pusinelli by Alastair Pusinelli

The football game war this year has been fiercer than ever.

EA Sports looked to be cruising yet again for FIFA 20 with their addition of street mode Volta Football, despite suffering from various gameplay issues last year. 

They didn’t account for some serious heat coming from PES 2020. Konami kicked things off with the exclusive rights to Juventus, along with partner deals with Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Manchester United. 

More leagues have been added, from a fully licensed Serie A to the Argentinian and Brazilian domestic setup, with FIFA only managing to securing the Romanian top-flight.

We put this battle between the two franchises to the test with the ultimate quiz.

How well do you know your football games?


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