Is 2K Games buying FIFA?

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FIFA and EA Sports have announced their split, with a brand new developer set to take over the popular football series.

When speaking to IGN, Take-Two Interactive caught the attention of gamers across the country when describing FIFA as a "great brand" with "incredible clout".


These comments arose after FIFA's high-profile split with EA last week after almost 30 years and have raised an interesting question amongst the FIFA community - could FIFA 2K24 be on the cards?

2K Sports to claim FIFA title?

During its latest financial results call, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick was asked about the EA-FIFA dispute and if 2K Sports would be interested in taking on the title, should the license become available.

ea sports fc
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Take-Two, which owns 2K Sports, currently only has one soccer series which is the mobile game, Top Eleven.

Zelnick replied with the following statement:

“We are so thrilled to have Nordeus in the Take-Two family, they’re just crushing it and Top Eleven is a great, beloved title. I just couldn’t be happier to be in the soccer manager business through Top Eleven with the Nordeus team."
“That’s a big step forward for us… we haven’t been in that sport before. And erm, I think I’ll leave it at that today.”

Judging from this, there's every chance that FIFA 2K could be on the cards.