FIFA Mobile 2020: New updated season will be released alongside FIFA 20

EA is keeping it fresh on both the App store and Google Play with new updates dropping soon!

by Callum Inwood

Get ready for a new season of FIFA Mobile arriving later this month.

The action kicks off earlier than previous seasons, and we can’t wait to share the details for all the features and content that will be added to the game.

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What can you expect with the new season?

EA have made fresh improvements to the game with all new features, gameplay, and content each season, whilst being able to maintain everything you love about the game.

Just like in previous years, your FIFA Mobile journey will rollover into the new season. And for the first time, we’re giving you a new aspect to your rollover… Legacy Team.

What is Legacy Team?

Legacy Team will allow players to take their current season’s starting lineup and carry it into the upcoming season for use in certain events.

This Legacy Team can only be used in special Campaign Events and challenges tailored for them. The higher your Legacy Team OVR, the better rewards you will receive.

Keep looking back for more information about rewards and this feature in the upcoming weeks.

So, make sure to raise your team’s overall rating as high as possible before this season ends as the Player OVRs and attributes within your Legacy Team will become locked when the new season begins.

Also, do not forget to ensure you’ve set your active lineup to contain the 11 players you want to be carried over onto your Legacy Team; if you do not do this then they will not be carried over in the new season.

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What carries over when the new season starts?

RealSport have put together a list of what does and doesn’t carry over in the new season of FIFA Mobile:

What will reset:

  • Account Level
  • Roster (except Legacy Team)
  • Coins
  • Gems
  • Skill Boosts
  • Fans
  • Cups
  • Quests
  • League Record
  • VIP Level
  • Training XP
  • Leaderboards

What won’t reset:

  • FIFA Point Balance
  • Now and Later Packs
  • User Logos

Let us know about how you feel with the new season of Mobile FIFA coming this September!

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Callum Inwood