FIFA 23: FREE Community TOTS Pack inbound for select FUT players

fifa 23 jesus

fifa 23 jesus

The Team of the Season (TOTS) promo is officially underway in FIFA 23 with the Community and Eredivisie squads available right now.

As part of the ongoing TOTS content, EA is releasing guaranteed Team of the Season player pack SBCs for each different league as they hit Ultimate Team.

These SBC packs give FUT players the chance to swap their untradeable fodder for potentially a top-tier Team of the Season card.

However, there has already been a hiccup. Users have been receiving incorrect player items in the guaranteed Community TOTS Pack.

This error could come as a blessing for certain FUT players, though, with EA set to compensate affected users with an extra free TOTS player...

Free Community TOTS Pack Inbound

Some users received Team of the Season Moments cards in the Community TOTS Pack when the description failed to stipulate that this was a possibility.

Outrage ensued among the Ultimate Team community on FIFA social forums as players expected a Community TOTS and got different items instead.

The TOTS Moments cards are generally worse than the standard TOTS items too, with the likes of Junya Ito popping up everywhere.

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GUTTED - Nobody wants to see a TOTS Moments card pop up on screen

EA has since addressed the issue and has stated that users who received a TOTS Moments card will receive a free Community TOTS Pack as compensation.

The FIFA Direct Communication Twitter account has posted the following statement:

"The Community TOTS Upgrade SBC description has been updated to reflect the inclusion of Community TOTS Moments Player Items. Players who completed this SBC and received a TOTS Moments Player Item prior to this update will receive a Community TOTS Player Item in the coming days."

So, if you complete the SBC from this point onwards and pack a TOTS Moments card, you will not be compensated.

Best & Worst Possible Pulls

There are several truly top-tier Community Team of the Season items that you can get from the upgrade, and there are also so underwhelming cards.

The top five best possible players you can get from the Community TOTS Upgrade are:

  • Gabriel Jesus (OVR 93) - 2.5m coins
  • Rodrygo (OVR 93) - 1.6m coins
  • Sanchez (OVR 95) - 1.4m coins
  • Bernardo Silva (OVR 95) - 1.2m coins
  • Kingsley Coman (OVR 93) - 550,000 coins

The five worst possible players that you can get from the Community TOTS Upgrade are as follows:

  • Alvaro Morata (OVR 88) - 23,000 coins
  • Danilo (OVR 89) - 28,000 coins
  • Declan Rice (OVR 89) - 35,000 coins
  • James Tavernier (OVR 90) - 37,000 coins
  • David de Gea (OVR 90) - 40,000 coins

Community TOTS Upgrade SBC

Once again, you have just under a week to complete the Community TOTS Upgrade SBC, so catch it while you can!

Start Date: Wednesday, 3 May

Expiry Date: Sunday, 7 May

How to Complete

To earn a Pack containing a Community TOTS player you will need to complete one challenge, with the requirements as follows:

Community TOTS Upgrade

  • Minimum one TOTS player
  • Minimum 84 Squad Rating

Reward - 1 x Community TOTS Player Pack

Estimated Cost - 44,100 coins


You can use the following players to complete the Community TOTS Upgrade SBC:

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