FIFA 22: MLS Objective Players Review

FIFA 22 is bringing us a whole host of brand new content, with the MLS Objective stars one of the offerings currently available on Ultimate Team.

With four players currently up for grabs for the grand price of zero coins, why aren't more people going in for the stateside stars?

We're taking a look at each MLS objectives player currently available and letting you know if we think they're worth your time and effort.

Sebastian Lletget

The easiest to claim and arguably the least flashy of the cards on offer, Sebastian Lletget is a well rounded central midfielder who possesses great passing and shooting abilities.

Whilst his card stats may leave a little to be desired, the American's defensive and physical capabilities are a perfect compliment to another of the MLS objective players, Marcelino Moreno.

Lletget's shooting stats also tell a lie, with the New England midfielder possessing a wicked shot that is more than a match for any other midfielder I've used in FIFA 22. Don't believe me? Just check out some of our past streams for proof.

Considering the ease in which he can be unlocked, Lletget is a no brainer when it comes to making immediate improvements to your squad.

RealSport Rating: 7/10

*Reviewed on PS5 by RealSport101 Writer, Matthew Francis.

Marcelino Moreno

An Argentine wizard with 5 star skills and 90+ pace, Moreno is a player that you need to get your hands on in FIFA 22.

One of the best players I've used in this year's game, Moreno has a penchant for a world class strike and is as quick and agile as a certain fellow countryman currently plying his trade in Paris.

The perfect partner to Seb Lletget, Moreno will make your midfield tick, with the Atlanta United midfield wizard also possessing a great array of passing capabilities

Of course, Moreno isn't the strongest player on the pitch, but his agility more than makes up for his lack of physicality.

RealSport Rating: 8/10

*Reviewed on PS5 by RealSport101 Writer, Matthew Francis.

Miles Robinson

Robinson is the ultimate reward for completing all of the objectives in the MLS Foundations section, and he certainly feels like a gift worth waiting for.

A strong, fast, physically imposing defender who is a match for any attacker he comes up against, Miles Robinson is easily the best defender I've used so far in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

Getting a perfect link to both Moreno and Lletget, Robinson is the ideal defender to sit alongside a tall, strong defender.

I currently play him alongside Gerard Pique, and the two have already formed a formidable partnership.

Personally, I would say the objectives are worth completing simply for Robinson on his own.

RealSport Rating: 9.5/10

*Reviewed on PS5 by RealSport101 Writer, Matthew Francis

Xherdan Shaqiri

Xherdan Shaqiri's left foot should be illegal, with the Swiss superstar providing moments of brilliance that will frustrate your opponents.

Another player possessing five stars skills with the added bonus of pace, power and strength, Shaqiri is exactly the kind of player you need in your team.

Completing his objectives are a super quick task that will see you add both an imperious starter, but also a wonderful impact sub into your squad.

Capable of scoring from anywhere on the pitch, Shaqiri's bursting runs through the centre of your opposition's midfield will become a frequent fixture of your games if you add the Swiss machine to your FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

RealSport Rating: 9/10

*Reviewed on PS5 by RealSport101 Writer, Matthew Francis


Whilst all of these players exceeded my expectations, it is important to note that their main limitation lies in the main context of Ultimate Team.

With all of these players being from the MLS, there aren't yet many top-class players to link them with.

Moreno is the saving grace, with his Argentine links providing a much-needed bridge between divisions.

Creative squad building will be your best friend when it comes to integrating these talents into your squad and I would highly recommend completing these objectives in order to bolster your ranks.

Are these objectives worth the time and effort? Absolutely.

Click here to find out how to unlock the MLS objective players.

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