FIFA 22: Classic overpowered FUT players - where are they now?

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is coming to the end of its cycle, with Team of the Season currently at play.

With everyone possessing a team with a rating of 90+, we wanted to take a look back at the good old days of Ultimate Team.

From FIFA 12 Silver beasts to classic stars who are still dominating today, we're going to take a look at the career trajectory of some of our favourite overpowered FUT players.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

FIFA 14 was the year of the finesse shot, and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was certainly the king of that realm.

Both Auba and Daniel Sturridge - of Liverpool at the time - were two of the most feared cards in FUT.

Starting at an 80 OVR that year, Auba went on to receive multiple in-form cards, as the Dortmund striker showed his class.

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THOSE WERE THE DAYS: Aubameyang was a beast in FIFA 14

It would be a couple more years before the Gabonese striker made his big move, with Arsenal swooping in to sign him in 2018.

After a few impressive seasons in the Premier League - which included winning the Premier League golden boot - Aubameyang moved to Barcelona.

Now plying his trade in the Nou Camp, his most recent Team of the Week upgrade has seen him revive his career and make a brilliant end to his time at Europe's elite

Stephan El Shaarawy

There was simply no one better than Stephan El Shaarawy in FIFA 12.

Despite his card not boasting the best stats, this guy was a true king of the silver stars era.

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ITALIAN STALLION - No one was better than El Shaarawy in FIFA 12

A superb skiller who could race past any player - irrespective of their rating - Stephan El Shaarawy was the man that everyone wanted in their team.

In truth, the Italian is yet to reach the heights his early career promised, with the current Roma winger jumping from club to club.

Spending time in China and France over the past 5 years, El Shaarawy has now settled in Rome, competing for Jose Mourinho's side.

Scott Sinclair

Scott Sinclair was another star of the Silver beasts era in FIFA 12, with the then Swansea winger being a pivotal part of any squad.

An incredible winger with great potential, Sinclair moved from Swansea to Manchester City, but failed to make the grade at the Etihad.

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RISE AND FALL - Scott Sinclair's career never reached the heights it once promised

A switch to Celtic saw great success for Sinclair, where his class shone through and some famous goals allowed him to become a cult hero.

In FIFA 22, Sinclair's FUT card left a lot to be desired, with this rare silver offering nowhere near as OP as his card 10 years ago.

Recently released from Preston, the 33-year-old may be planning for the end of his career.

Alexander Esswein

A name that many may have forgotten, Alexander Esswein was a royal pain in FIFA 13.

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A FORGOTTEN GEM - Esswein's card brings back some good memories

A pacey demon that can be likened to Wissam Ben Yedder in playstyle, Esswein was a player that caused many a controller to be broken.

The 32-year-old striker has spent most of his career bouncing around different German sides, most recently joining SV Sandhausen in Germany's second tier.

As you can see, his FIFA 22 card pales in comparison to his offering from a decade before, but there's no doubting this FIFA 13 legend will live long in FUT infamy.

Victor Ibarbo

Victor Ibarbo - also known as the godfather of all overpowered players - was the king of FIFA 15.

A tall, strong, lethal, pacey striker who - despite his 75 OVR rating - could dominate any opponent.

The sheer sight of this card is enough to send many FIFA fans into a frenzy, with the Colombian certain to have caused both pleasure and pain throughout the years.

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THE BEST OF THE REST - Everyone loved Ibarbo in FIFA 15

Unfortunately, Ibarbo does not feature in FIFA 22, with the striker turning out in the Japanese second-tier for V-Varen Nagasaki.

Either way, we're both sad and happy that this man isn't still running the show in Ultimate Team.

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