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The best formations in FIFA 22 could change after a pace-obsessed FIFA 21

We are still some way off FIFA 22, but EA Play Live should give us our first glimpse of the game in July.

This will be the first Next-Gen optimised version of the game, so the expectation is understandably higher than ever.

There will be changes made too so the way we play the game may change, including which formations and tactics we use.

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Unsurprisingly there has been no word on when FIFA 22 will officially be released, but we can have a pretty accurate guess.

fifa 21 gameplay reveal
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BE CREATIVE: Use directed runs in FIFA 21 to take control of the runs your teammates make

FIFA 22 will likely be released between Friday, 24 September and Friday, 8 October, 2021, judging by the release in previous years.


EA Play Live

Get it in your diaries folks, EA Play Live will arrive on Thursday, 22 July.

Electronic Arts revealed the official date on Twitter and it also confirms that the event will run separately to E3 2021.

E3 2021 will begin a month earlier on Saturday, 12 June, and end on Tuesday, 15 June.

You will be able to watch on a live stream on various social channels, and at the very least we should get a first look at the FIFA 22 trailer.



As ever, we are expecting a few alterations to the gameplay after a season that divided opinion among the FUT community.

EA placed an emphasis on scoring goals in FIFA 21 resulting in higher-scoring matches, but that is not the solution.

We have had some news on Madden 22 gameplay though, and there could be features that may translate into FIFA 22.

'Dynamic Gameday' is one of the key features that could improve the FIFA 22 gameplay next season with several elements added to enhance user experience.

Dynamic Gameday is the overall term given to cover three new features that EA has added into Madden 22 for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.


Best Formations

The most popular formations in FIFA 21 have been 4-4-2 and 5-3-2, or subtle variations of those two.

The tactics that go with these formations have left large gaps in midfield as players bypass the middle of the park in the quest for rapid counterattacks.

We think a larger emphasis could be placed on midfield play next season as EA look to balance out the gameplay once again.

mount fifa 21
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PULLING THE STRINGS - Mount will be a playmaker in the new game

If midfield is to become more influential, formations with more midfielders (think Spain's 4-3-3) could become the norm.

This could result in a slower game than we have had before, where short sharp bursts of pace come to the fore rather than 50-yard sprints!

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