FIFA 22 Best Formations: The midfield battle is more crucial than ever

By now we have all played a fair bit of FIFA 22, and we know that there is a new way to play this season.

Changes have been made to the gameplay which has affected which formations and tactics work best, with a new meta seemingly harder to pinpoint.

Change of style

The most popular formations in FIFA 21 were the classic 4-4-2 and the eccentric 5-3-2, or subtle variations of those two.

The tactics that went with these formations left large gaps in midfield as players bypass the middle of the park in the quest for rapid counterattacks.

However, a larger emphasis has been placed on midfield play this season as EA sought to balance out the gameplay once more.

mount fifa 21
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PULLING THE STRINGS - Mount will be a playmaker in the new game

The midfield has become far more influential, with formations with more midfielders (think Spain's 4-3-3) back in favour.

This has resulted in a slower game than we have had before, where short sharp bursts of pace come to the fore rather than 50-yard sprints!

New tactics

There are more ways to impart your vision on your teams in FIFA 22 with extra tactical options.

The new 'Overlap' option for centre-backs when playing five at the back could become a very popular addition if it can create overloads in midfield, something to watch out for as the season drags on.

fifa 22 hypermotion alexander-arnold
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SWITCH OF PLAY - Take control of the way your team plays like never before

With three/five at the back already popular, adding more to the system could make it the go-to formation in FIFA 22.

You also have more control of your team's width and depth in both attack and defence, getting your team to play exactly as you want.

Pack the midfield

In summary, packing the midfield in our opinion is the key to success in FIFA 22.

Dominating possession and having the patience to find gaps in the opposition defence is richly rewarded this season as players with good Attack Positioning (such as Antoine Griezmann) are coming to the fore.

Formations such as 4-3-3 (we prefer with a CAM) or 4-2-3-1 offer plenty of options in the middle of the park, whilst also stretching the opposition defence with the width it can create.

If you are confident in your central midfield pairing then the 4-4-2 is still a reliable option, but we would opt for a three-man midfield at all times.

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