“Pointless score or play objectives” need to change

FUT Friendlies have been revamped on FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, and for the large part we have enjoyed the various squad requirements.

However, there have been some problems with some of the gameplay objectives which has caused a bit of a stir on Reddit.

Find out more below.

What are FUT Friendlies?

EA brought FUT Friendlies to the fore this season, using them for their specific Player Objective cards.

There have been some consistent modes, with Managerial Masterpiece and Silver Lounge remaining throughout.

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WHAT IF CLASSIC - The latest promo produced a new FUT Friendly

The Friendly requirements have meant players need to build new squads, moving away from the same team we see game after game in more competitive modes.

This has been refreshing for many FUT players, but there are some issues that need to be addressed.

Golden Goal

The FUT community came together this year to help each other complete Icon Swap objectives without having to grind through endless matches.

The unwritten ‘Golden Goal’ rule has been excellent, allowing players to breeze through ‘win x number of matches’ objectives.

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IN THE GAME - Icon Swaps 2 are currently live in FUT 21

Etiquette must also be observed, so don’t watch your full celebration and replay and then expect your opponent to quit.

This has mostly been in play for the Icon Swap objectives, find out more here.

Pointless Objectives

“EA needs to stop with these pointless score or play in 15 game objectives,” at least, that is the view of Reddit user @kunallanuk.

We know the frustration, especially as it encourages ‘rubber-banding’, but we will get onto that later.

Without a specific objective to complete, it ends up being just a regular friendly that you grind through, without working towards any secondary objectives.

The problem is, these objectives encourage players to play more matches which drives up the statistical engagement in the game, so we don’t see it changing any time soon.

Rubber Banding

The biggest problem we face in these sorts of objectives is rubber-banding. It is as simple as it sounds, players wrap a rubber band around their controller and just stop playing.

This is incredibly tedious if you do want to play the game, but in the long run it can help complete specific objectives quickly if your opponent isn’t playing so there are positives.

Rubber banding has become common place in some of these objectives, so it needs to be addressed.

Come on EA, give us some official Golden Goal match objectives or goal specific targets to hit.

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