FIFA 21 TOTY Guide: How to make the most of this year’s event – Upgrades, SBCs, Pack Project & more

Team of the Year (TOTY) is coming soon on FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

This means promo packs, high-rated cards, SBCs and more!

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To make the most of the event, check out our guide below.


The main event.

The excitement continues to build ahead of Team of the Year, although we may be waiting until Friday, 22 January to see the official XI.

YOUR CHOICE! Who will you select
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YOUR CHOICE! Who will you select

We have had our say, but what about you?

Voting doesn’t end until Monday, 18 January, so make sure to have your say here!

Upgrade SBCs

There are currently four repeatable Headliners promo upgrade SBCs available until Wednesday, 20 January.

These are:

  • 80+ Player Pick
  • 81+ Double Upgrade
  • 82-88 Upgrade
  • 86+ Upgrade

These can be of great value ahead of the TOTY event as the more packs you open, the higher chance of getting one of the coveted TOTY stars! so making the most of these can be crucial.

STOCKPILE! Complete as many of these as you can!
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STOCKPILE! Complete as many of these as you can!

We would recommend avoiding the 86+ upgrade, purely as it is the most expensive to complete (around 72k), therefore you will have less packs to open come the big day!

The other three all cost under 10k, so are far easier to complete and will give you the most packs to open.

Chances are we will see some more upgrade SBCs released during the event, and then could include league specific rewards.

With so many Premier League players in FIFA 20 TOTY, the EPL specific upgrades were your best bet of bagging a TOTY card.

This year the balance will be more even, making the league specific SBCs harder to choose from.

If you are taking part in the TOTY Pack Project, you can check the value of the packs you have saved thanks to @MattFUTTrading’s handy spreadsheet here.


As part of the TOTY celebrations, we expect several top-ranking SBCs to be released.

Last year we had Eden Hazard’s 95 OVR Player Moments, could we see a similarly high-rated card this year?

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We would love to see a Gareth Bale Flashback card with blistering pace and clinical shooting attributes.

The best way to prepare for these SBCs (which won’t be cheap) is to stock up on some cheap high-rated players.

The upgrade SBCs will also help as you may pick up some untradeable stars along the way.

Take a look at the cheapest stars to use in SBCs here.

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