IF Aubameyang is your answer to Mbappe in FUT

It only took 21 weeks, but Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has finally made it into FIFA 21's Team of the Week.

There was no leaving out the Arsenal striker after his hat-trick against Leeds, and he could be the missing piece of the puzzle to your Premier League Ultimate Team.

Card Analysis

Of course, it's Aubameyang, so everyone will be drawn to the striker's pace.

The only Premier League card striker that is faster, is Aubameyang's own Europa League Road to the Final item.

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FLYER - There'll be no stopping Auba with that flying pace

Taking into account his shooting, 88, the only card you can compare him to is Sadio Maner's 92-rated FUT Freeze item - which is priced at a staggering 2.6 million coins on PS4 and 3 million on Xbox One.

With High/High workrates, Auba will do the hard yards off the ball, and at 6 foot 2 he can do the business in the air too.


Those hoping to play Auba in wide areas, like he often does in real life, better think again.

83 dribbling isn't quite strong enough for a high-class wide man, and the less said about his 76 passing the better, he does have a 4-star weak foot, however.

You may also be tempted to play him as an attacking midfielder so he can make runs from deep, but his passing isn't of the required standard.

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TAKING SHAPE - This is how we'd recommend lining up with Auba

We recommend playing Aubameyang has a striker, or as one of the centre forwards in a 4-3-2-1 formation.

This way he can get behind the defence with his pace, but still has the close control to wriggle free if the backline is sitting deep.

Chemistry style

The temptation here will be to put a Hunter style on Aubameyang, lifting his pace and shooting even further, meaning he'll be unstoppable in front of goal and on Mbappe levels.

If you want to play him in a wider role, then you may want to improve his passing and dribbling with an Artist card, to ensure he doesn't give the ball away.

Any other styles that cater for those stats may be of interest - these are Finisher, Deadeye, Maestro, Engine and Catalyst.


This item has entered the market at just under 1 million coins on both PlayStation and Xbox.

Given that Auba's RTTF item costs 1.2 million on PS4 and 1.3 million on Xbox One (and could improve), expect the recent TOTW card to drop in price in the coming days.

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ROAD TO GLORY - If Arsenal get through in the Europa League, Auba's other cards will decrease in value

The Gabon forward is only slightly quicker than Timo Werner's in-form, and that's currently around 200,000 coin mark on both consoles.

We, therefore, expect Auba's item to drop to close to the 500,000 coin mark in the coming days, and it won't be long before it drops below that, especially if Arsenal defeat Benfica in the Europe League - increasing his RTTF item.

Cheaper alternatives

If you can't quite afford him - well there's a number of cheaper options.

As we've already mentioned - Timo Werner's 86 in-form costs 215,000 coins on PS4 and 190,00 coins on Xbox One, with Aubameyang's arrival likely to drop this even further.

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TURBO TIME- Werner can put on the afterburners

Jamie Vardy has two TOTW items, with his first one currently priced around 170,00 coins on both platforms, and we're expecting this to fall to 150,000 or less in the coming days.

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FOX IN THE BOX - Jamie Vardy has three rare items in FUT 21

If you're looking for someone more comfortable in the wider areas, look at Wilfried Zaha - his 86 in-form is around 180,000 coins on PS4 and 140,000 on Xbox One, and has a 90 dribbling stat.

Should I buy?

YES - but give it a week or two and see if the price goes down over the next week or so, especially with the Winter Refresh on the way.

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