FIFA 21 Title Update 12 now available on consoles

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FIFA 21 Title Update 12 has arrived - providing a few more tweaks the EA title.

Here's an overview of what's arriving.

Latest - Console Release

Title Update 12 is now available on consoles.

This applies to PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

Patch Notes

We've got patch notes for Title Update 12.

This update concentrates on bug fixes in Ultimate Team, Career Mode and Volta, with five new unconfirmed starheads arriving,

For the full patch notes head here.

Release Date

FIFA 21 Title Update 12 arrived on PC on Wednesday, 10 March,

It then arrived on consoles - PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on Thursday, 18 March - but this ist still to be confirmed.

New Balls Please

The new Premier League ball is now available in FIFA 21.

Introduced to the Premier League on Friday, 19 February when Wolves hosted Leeds, the new ball design is said to reflect the intensity of the closing stages of the season.

new epl football fifa 21
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PINPOINT PRECISION - The new EPL ball looks awesome

“It carries a bespoke graphic designed to reflect the intensity of the final stages of the Premier League, when the focus of the teams and players narrows and the Premier League Trophy is in sight.”

All we know is, it looks great and you can now use it in the game. The graphic with Mason Mount looks awesome too.

Pro Clubs

The Pro Clubs has been crying out for a fix to the game mode, as the formations bug still exists… or does it?

With no updates to the game mode in either Title Update 10, 11 or 12, it is easy to see why Pro Clubs fans are getting frustrated.

However, it appears that as part of the latest update the formation bug has been fixed.

This comes as a necessary fix as the formation bug had existed for weeks in a game mode that feels like it has been neglected for large parts of this season.


Like Pro Clubs, the gameplay has received little attention in the most recent FIFA 21 updates.

We have seen crossing and skill moves nerfed so far this season, but there are still plenty of gameplay complaints from the FUT community.

There have been complaints that the gameplay has got worse, reverting back to old FIFA’s and even becoming worse.

fifa 21 next gen graphics haaland marquinhos
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GET STUCK IN - The midfield can feel futile at times on FIFA 21

Reddit user @jmcglade93 commented “at the start it was very good, but in its current state is probably the worst fifa of all time.”

This could be down to the game cycle, with high-rated cards more prevalent making the game less nuanced.

The servers have also been heavily criticised, but that’s a whole different subject.

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