FIFA 21 Pitch Notes Title Update 7: Gameplay Changes Explained - Interceptions, Crossing, Volleys

FIFA 21 Title Update 7 (Title Update 1 for next gen), brought some big gameplay changes. EA have elaborated on these changes with a brand new set of FIFA 21 Pitch Notes!

Let's go over the finer details of the new updates changes, and what inspired them to be added to the game.

FIFA 21 Title Update 7

FIFA 21 Title Update 7 brought plenty of change to both current and next gen FIFA players.

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NEXT GEN: FIFA 21 Title Update 7 was Title Update 1 for next gen

You can read over our breakdown of the Title Update 7 patch notes here.

But beyond these patch notes, EA have released a new set of Pitch Notes.

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These Pitch Notes give a more in-depth breakdown of gameplay changes, how they work, and what they're targeting.

So let's dive into what EA had to say about FIFA 21 Title Update 7.

FIFA 21 Pitch Notes

The new set of FIFA 21 Pitch Notes targets three major areas: Interception logic, ball speed from Driven Crosses, and volley accuracy.

Interception Logic

Interceptions in FIFA 21 can be the start of a very promising offensive push, so making them as realistic as possible is important.

FIFA 21 Pitch Notes Title Update 7
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MAKE THE PLAY: Interceptions received a rework in FIFA 21 Title Update 7

Every FIFA 21 players has seen the moment where a defender will perfectly position between a pass, only to watch the ball slide right by. These moments can be match-ending, and they're massively frustrating.

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Title Update 7 fixed this by upgrading interception logic to better allow players to deflect passes when in position to do so, reacting to the ball more urgently.

Volley Accuracy

FIFA 21 volleys are some of the most exciting moments in the game. A well placed volley can be game ending, and a poorly placed volley can waste an amazing chance.

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In Title Update 7, volley accuracy when taken on a fast-moving ball has been made less accurate. This is to avoid issues where players get unrealistic shots on goal that can change the fate of a match.

Ball Speed on Driven Crosses

Crossing is an artform in FIFA 21, and as a result, it's a highly sought out skill in the game.

FIFA 21 Pitch Notes Title Update 7 Crossing
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TALENT: New Crossing changes will give more weight to the Crossing stat

Before Title Update 7, however, players with minimal Crossing talent were able to put out fantastic chances with Driven Crosses.

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To better reflect Crossing skill levels, Driven Crosses are now slower across the board.

This change has more of an effect on players with lower than 75 Crossing, and is less present the more skillful a player is.

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