FIFA 21 PC: PS5 and Xbox Series X/S will have more features than PC

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FIFA 21 will soon be making it's grand opening on next-gen consoles, in fact, it's next month.

We've seen some exciting new features teased, as well as screenshots of the next-gen version.

However, PC players hoping to play an updated FIFA 21 will be thoroughly disappointed.

Let's take a look at why now!

FIFA 21 on PC

The game was released for current-gen and PC earlier this year, with both console and PC dropping at the same time.

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NEXT GEN: The game looks incredible on PS5

This year's FIFA for PC was based on the console versions of the game.

As such, many PC fans were hoping for a next-gen equivalent upgrade next month also.

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However, Aaron McHardy, Executive Producer of the game, said the game will remain as it is.

FIFA 21 PC Requirements

The decision behind this move was aimed at making sure players can continue to play the game.

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ICONIC: Play as the players you love

With the next-gen consoles boasting incredible hardware that is so well optimised, the average FIFA 21 PC player's computer can't keep up.

As such, upgrading the game to a next-gen equivalent would have left many excluded.

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The last thing EA wants to do is kick a host of FIFA players out of the game because their system can't run it.

Future FIFA 21 Updates

This does not mean, however, that game will never receive an upgrade.

It is possible that next year, as PC hardware continues to improve and players upgrade, that a new version will drop.

FIFA 21 Next Gen Graphics
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COMING SOON: Next Gen FIFA drops on December 4

Thankfully, the game will remain cross-gen for a number of years, so don't fret.

You should be able to play your PS5 or Xbox Series X buddies just the same.

However, there is no reason that newer versions of FIFA won't be made on the gen five architecture.

FIFA 21 Next Gen

FIFA 21 is out now for all current gen consoles and PC.

The next-gen version of the game will drop on December 4, so put the date in your diary!

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