FIFA 21 Next Gen: See Next Level with all new camera angle

FIFA 21 is coming to Next Gen consoles next week, and there are loads of new features to get excited about.

Check out more below.

New Camera Angle - Gamecam

FIFA 21 on Next Gen consoles will see a new camera angle playable in the game.

The statement from EA is as follows:

“Inspired by the look and feel of top-level football broadcasts, a new gameplay camera gives you a fresh perspective on every match.

fifa 21 ps5 psg min
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IN THE GAME! Feel immersed in the matchday experience with the new camera angle

See more of the pitch to help you plan your build-up play or block passing lanes and watch home and away fans react to the game in real time.”

We can’t wait to test it out!

Other New Features

EA has rolled out a number of short clips this week showcasing FIFA 21 on PS5 and box Series X.

fifa 21 ps5 rodrygo min
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CELEBRATE IN STYLE! Goals will feel all the more special

These have demonstrated some of the new features that are coming which include Next Level Speed and Next Level Atmospheres!

You can read more about the new features coming to FIFA 21 on Next Gen consoles here.

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