FIFA 21 FUT Freeze: Roberto Firmino SBC - Cheapest Solution, Expiry Date, Player Review & more

Twas the night before Christmas and EA delivered the goods!

The latest FUT Freeze release may just be the best yet!

Liverpool forward Roberto Firmino is the man in the spotlight, with a brand new card that sees the Brazilian move further downfield to a CM role.

FUT Freeze Roberto Firmino SBC Information

Many a FIFA player has used Roberto Firmino as a deeper foward/midfielder throughout the FIFA years, but now we have an out and out midfielder!

Here is everything that you need to know.

Start & Expiry Date

Start Date: Thursday, December 24 - 6pm GMT

Expiry Date: Thursday, January 14 - 6pm GMT

Requirements & Rewards

An 89-rated Roberto Firmino was never going to come cheap!

EA are asking for five squads in return for the Brazilian.

The requirements for all five are as follows.


  • Liverpool Players: Minimum One
  • Team Rating: Minimum 84
  • Team Chemistry: Minimum 80
  • Reward: One Small Prime Gold Players Pack


  • Brazilian Players: Minimum One
  • Team Rating: Minimum 85
  • Team Chemistry: Minimum 75
  • Reward: One Prime Electrum Players Pack

Premier League

  • Premier League Players: Minimum 86
  • Team Rating: Minimum 86
  • Team Chemistry: Minimum 70
  • Reward: One Rare Mixed Players Pack

Top Form

  • Team of the Week OR FUT Champions Players: Minimum One
  • Team Rating: Minimum 86
  • Team Chemistry: Minimum 60
  • Reward: One Premium Gold Players Pack

88-Rated Squad

  • Team Rating: Minimum 88
  • Team Chemistry: Minimum 50
  • Reward: One Rare Electrum Players Pack

Player Review

A full player review will follow shortly.

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