FIFA 21 FUT Freeze: Adama Traore SBC - Cheapest Solution, Requirements, Expiry Date, Player Review & more

It wouldn't be a winter promo without Adama Traore!

The Spanish beast has joined the FUT Freeze lineup with a switch back to his defensive roots.

Here is what you need to know.

FUT Freeze Adama SBC Information

The Wolves man has stuck fear into those with his abilities as a right-winger, but now it's time to see if he can do the same from the left-back spot.

Here are all the key details.

Start & Expiry Date

Start Date: Friday, December 18 - 6pm GMT

Expiry Date: Friday, December 25 - 6pm GMT

Requirements & Rewards

Adama has shot up to an 84 on this latest card, with EA asking for two squads to be submitted in order to unlock the festive version of the Spaniard.

The requirements for both are as follows.


  • Wolves Players: Minimum One
  • Team of the Week OR FUT Champions Players: Minimum One
  • Team Rating: 83
  • Team Chemistry: Minimum 80

Premier League

  • Premier League Players: Minimum One
  • Team Rating: Minimum 86
  • Team Chemistry: Minimum 65

Estimated Cost

At time of writing, the estimated costs for this Adama SBC are as follows.

  • PlayStation: 200k
  • Xbox: 205k

Player Review

200k is the asking price, but is he worth it?

We all know how good Adama is, but this is a very different card to what we've known in FIFA over the past few years.

Moving from RW to LB has come with some big changes, most noticeably in the increased defensive capabilities (80 defending & 84 physicalities) but also in terms of Traore's work rates, which have changed from L/H to H/H.

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Traore retains his blistering pace (96 OVR) which makes him the quickest left-back in FIFA 21, and also, in our opinion, the best Premier League LB in FIFA 21.

For those who don't mind playing their men on 7 chemistry, this is a very good centre back card.

It seems strange, a H/H work rate Adama playing centre back. But, with that huge defensive increase, decent physicality and crazy pace, this card really does work as a centre back.

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