FIFA 21: Free David Beckham available now!

You can now get a high-rated David Beckham card for free on FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

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David Beckham

If you play FIFA 21 before Friday, 15 January, you will receive the new card.

This gives you a month to play, so don't miss out!

HE'S BACK! DB7 is back on FIFA
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HE'S BACK! DB7 is back on FIFA

If you have already played the game, then the free gift will already be available to you.

With an 86 OVR, it is not a bad card at all!

New Card

Although this is a great free gift, he might not fit into many teams.

As it celebrates a time in his career when he was at Real Madrid, this version of Becks will only suit La Liga / English squads.

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While not impossible to squeeze him into your side, it is far from ideal.

The card itself is pretty good though. His 90 Passing is the standout attribute, while his 75 Pace is a little disappointing.


That is not all though, as Beckham has also returned to the game with three ICON cards.

PINPOINT! Beckham's passing is incredible
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PINPOINT! Beckham's passing is incredible

All three versions of Beckham look good, but the 95 Passing on his Prime card is insane!

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