FIFA 20 Volta Demo: New street mode is a MASSIVE let down on EA’s new trial

The new demo is out now and available for download on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Julian-Sims by Julian Sims

We’ve been waiting weeks for this, so let’s not waste any more time…

The FIFA 20 Demo is OUT after being dropped secretly by EA on September 10th, with fans slowly digging their teeth into the new trial.


We want more Volta Football!

On this year’s demo, players can get their first taste of the new Volta Football game mode, as well as the standard 11v11 Kick off game mode.

The opening footage features a Champions League clash between Ajax and Real Madrid, with wonderkid Vinicius Junior the protagonist. The clip seamlessly blends into the Amsterdam playground for you to play a 3v3 game.

Though Volta Football has been included in the demo, you will only be allowed to play a short 3v3 game, which is won by the first team reaching 4 goals.

We wanted to see more of Volta on the demo but this was the only taster we could get our hands on.

Would it have been that much harder to see the clubs that feature on kick-off on the Demo (see below) to also be used on Volta?

EA Sports are clearly holding their cards close to their chest ahead of FIFA 20’s official launch on 27th September.

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Players will receive a list of six playable teams on the demo, which includes:


Borussia Dortmund

Paris Saint-Germain

Real Madrid

Tottenham Hotspur


You cannot use these teams in Volta Football however, just in a Champions League group stage game.

It should go without saying that the full edition of FIFA 20 will feature a lot more teams, but EA have chosen six of Europe’s most exciting teams for you to play with.

Gameplay & Ball Physics

Although the gameplay that features on the demo is different from what will be in the full game, we were blown away by the changes we saw.

Defending on the game seems far less automated this year, so there is far less reliance on the computer controlled players to do your dirty work. Time your challenges correctly or risk being embarrassed by your mates.

The mechanics of passing have also changed, with improved ball physics making a visible difference to the style of play this year. The game feels more authentic than ever, and we are eagerly awaiting the official launch later in the month.

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Julian Sims