FIFA 20: James Rodriguez gets a HUGE downgrade on EA’s new game

The Colombian playmaker has been 'brutalised' with a horrific drop in one of his key attributes.

If the summer couldn’t have gotten any worse for James Rodriguez, Reddit leaks have just announced a huge blow to the Galactico. 

After spending two seasons on loan at Bayern Munich, the Colombian told the Germans not to purchase him. He now has to fight for his place at Real Madrid alongside new signing Eden Hazard and a heavily stacked Galactico roster, as well as Gareth Bale, Isco, Lucas Vazquez and Vinicius Jr. 

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One of the most important attributes on FIFA over the years has been pace. The ability to out run your defender gives you a serious edge over your opponent. 

As an attacking midfielder, pace can be important in starting a counter-attack. Unfortunately for James Rodriguez, EA have decided to severely drop his pace to 55. 

A Reddit user released this information regarding Rodriguez’s pace.

The FIFA 20 Beta gave some players the chance to play FIFA 20 Ultimate Team early, this allowed them to see players attributes on their cards giving this thread some plausible legs to stand on. 

FIFA 20 Beta what we learned

As with the regular gameplay in the FIFA 20 Beta, the FUT 20 gameplay feels much slower than its predecessor. 

It takes some getting used to, players can no longer play that quick one-two and have their winger run in behind the defence with ease, there is more of a focus on the intricate passing and possession-based side of the game.

Physicality is also a big factor. The nerfing of the pace means being able to hold off a centre-back when you're running in on goal is now more effective than ever, expect to see a whole load more Harry Kanes and Romelu Lukakus in FUT Champions next year.

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So maybe the pace of James Rodriguez will not stop you putting him in your squad. 

After all, he is capable of doing this...

Season Objectives

Daily and weekly objectives are well and truly a thing of the past as season objectives finally give players a reason to go out and complete those obscure challenges.

As revealed by EA in their Pitch Notes earlier this month, Season Objectives will be released in four ways: Daily, Weekly, Season and Dynamic Objectives, with the rewards definitely worth working for.

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Players who have had access to the Beta have received a whole range of rewards for completing these tasks, from coin rewards to high-end packs, including the 125,000 coin Ultimate Pack.

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