FIFA 20: Alexis Sanchez suffers huge rating loss following abysmal season at Manchester United

Does the winger deserve such a brutal downgrade? We take a look at where it all went wrong.

The FIFA 20 ratings are being drip fed out – bringing with them highs and lows, heartbreak and joy and in the case of Alexis Sanchez, an earth-shattering downgrade.

Yes, it really is that bad.

So why is this the case – and is it deserved? Here we look into why the left winger has fallen from grace – and how one of the Premier League’s star attackers now struggles to make into the starting line up at Manchester United.

Alexis Sanchez (OVR 87 – 82)

Sanchez made an almost immediate impact when he arrived to Arsenal from Barcelona – helping the Gunners to a 3-0 win against Manchester City in the Community Shield.

His FIFA rating was on the rise, too – climbing from 82 to 89 during his time with Arsene Wenger.

By the time the Chilean parted ways with the club – in a swap deal that saw Henrikh Mkhitaryan move the opposite way – the then 29-year-old had bagged 60 goals in 122 appearances. Not bad.

In-form Sanchez was rightly given the number 7 shirt – the same number worn by the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham and Eric Cantona. No pressure there, then…

Sadly, he crumbled.

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Even though he was hungry for games, the winger immediately looked off the pace. Fans were quick to notice that Sanchez has lost a yard of pace – one of his deadliest weapons back when he was a fringe Barcelona player.

His FIFA stats began to stall, with his rating dropping from 89 to 87. Pace was worst hit, dropping from 86 to 82. Alexis was a not the player he once was, both on the game and in real life.

The FUT market wasn’t kind to the star either – with the Chilean going for as little as 1,000 coins – a steal for a player of that calibre.

“Deserved downgrade, was terrible in last season,” writes one FIFA player on Futhead, commenting on Sanchez’s ratings.

“How he’s rated higher than Perisic, Mane or Sane is a joke. Should be 85 max,” wrote another.

Things got worse and worse for the star – with Jose Mourinho and his successor Ole Gunnar Solskjaer eventually banishing Sanchez to the sidelines.

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Inevitably, a loan move was on the cards, with Sanchez penning a deal to join AC Milan this season.  Man United will foot his £400,000-a-week bill.

Unsurprisingly, his former teammates were glad to see the back of him.

One player repeatedly complained: “He was no Messi so why pay him all that dough.”

In total, Sanchez limped out of Old Trafford with just five goals in 45 appearances for the Red Devils since his high-profile transfer. Which brings us nicely back to the present day – an 82-rated Sanchez.

Is that deserved? Yes. Yes it is.

On 29 August 2019, Sanchez joined Inter Milan on loan for the duration of the 2019–20 season.

It was said that he did not regret signing for Manchester United, but wished he had played more. Although, recent reports are conveying that Sanchez is hoping for either his loan to be extended for Inter or a clause to be made that Inter Milan can buy him.

Will the change of environment and coaching allow him to get back to his old ways?

Let us know how you feel about his rating change from 87 to 82. Did he deserve it or should he have been given a second chance?

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