FIFA 20: 94 Kylian Mbappé FUT Birthday Player Review

With FUT Birthday well and truly underway in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, we’ve been able to get our hands on some of the FUT Birthday players over the weekend, meaning it’s time for you to get our reviews on the players!

Starting off, here’s our review for the highly rated 94 FUT Birthday Kylian Mbappe.

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Mbappé In-Game Stats & Analysis

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At first glance, you might be mistaken for thinking this is just another standard Mbappe card to go along with the multiple special cards we’ve seen already. However, this Mbappe is truly something else, thanks to his boost from 4* Weak Foot, to 5* Weak Foot.

The 5* Weak Foot boost may not sound like a lot, but it completely changes the way you can use this card. Previously when defending Mbappe, most players would defend Mbappe by showing him onto his weaker left foot, with many favouring his right foot predominantly when shooting. With the 5* Weak Foot, you now have the freedom to go either side, making him far more unpredictable, and will in turn lead to many more goal scoring opportunities.

One major point that is worth noting, is that Mbappe has the Outside Foot Shot Trait, which means that even if you get the ball onto his weaker left foot, he does have a tendency to shoot with the outside of his right foot. This was noticed heavily when shooting from the left hand side into the left near post, Mbappe would utilise his right foot with an outside foot shot far more than his weak foot.

Now onto his in-game stats. Firstly, his 99 pace is as you’d expect for an Mbappe card. 99 Acceleration and 99 Sprint Speed are exactly what you’d want, this card feels electric in game.

His dribbling, once again, is second to none, with 97 Agility, 93 Reactions, 95 Ball Control and 96 Dribbling being very key stats. Couple all of these with his ability to now go onto his equally strong left foot, and you have one of the best strikers in the game.

With his shooting, you have no issues, thanks to 97 Positioning, 97 Finishing and 90 Shot Power, helped out with him also having 88 Composure. Once again, his 5* Weak Foot boost will make his shooting feel even better with the ability to shoot on both sides.

Finally, his 84 physical is great in game when coupled with his pace and agility, with 85 Strength allowing you to muscle most full backs, and even the odd central defender in game.

Mbappé’s Best Position & Role

As you’d expect from Mbappe, the best position and role for him would be right at the top of the pitch as a ST. Previously, many had favoured Mbappe out on the wing a little more, cutting inside onto his stronger right foot, however, with 5* Weak Foot now, the best role would be as a central striker in any formation, as you can now fully utilise his agility and weak foot to create chances out of very little.

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At this stage of the game, most people are aware of the best ways to link Mbappe, and these have been highlighted in some price rises since this 94 rated item was released.

The best link to Mbappe, without doubt, has to be the Headliner 95 Neymar. Also with 5* Weak Foot and 5* Skills, the two make a deadly attacking combination as two end game forwards. Out wide, Shapeshifter 90 Ben Yedder is another very popular choice, with his 5* Weak Foot also making him a very popular meta item. Finally, for those that completed his SBC, Player Moments 89 Di Maria is a great option for the left hand side, and is also rumoured to be receiving a FUT Birthday item this week, potentially for another weak foot boost.

Mbappé’s Price

Valued currently at a hefty 4,900,000 Coins on PS4, and 3,900,000 Coins on Xbox, Mbappe’s 94 FUT Birthday item is one of the most expensive non-icon cards in the game.

Being more than the likes of TOTY Messi, Prime Zidane, and almost as much as the TOTY Mbappe, questions do have to be asked as to how much is the 5* Weak Foot worth on this Mbappe card.

Value Rating out of 10

Being only 400,000 coins cheaper than the 98 TOTY Mbappe, who still has a very respectable 4* Weak Foot, as well as +4 Shooting, +5 Passing, +3 Dribbling, +10 Defending and +6 Physical, it is somewhat hard to advise picking the FUT Birthday item up, despite having 5* Weak Foot.

Not only are there big stat differences for only 10% extra, but I didn’t notice a massive difference with his 5* Weak Foot, because of the outside foot shot trait. I discovered Mbappe would favour an outside of the foot shot with his stronger right foot far more than using his left foot.


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