FIFA 20: 92 Carlos Tevez Libertadores Player Review - Stats, Analysis, Positioning, Squad Links & more

As a part of the new Copa Libertadores update in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, there is a load of new top-tier South American cards into FUT.

Now that a few days have passed, and we’ve used tonnes of the new players, it’s time to get some player review pieces out, giving you our verdict on them!

Tevez Card
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Tevez In-Game Stats & Analysis

Tevez In Game Stats
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The bulldog Carlos Tevez is well and truly back with this awesome new Copa Libertadores Kick-Off card! With 4 card stats 90 or above, let’s take a look at what makes Tevez so special.

First of all, let’s look at his physicality, which is 94 on card. Being only 5’7” with 67 Jumping, don’t expect Tevez to win too many headers, but with 99 Strength and 99 Aggression, expect him to be a handful for most defenders.

Secondly, there’s his pace in-game. With 93 Acceleration, 89 Agility and 93 Balance, expect Tevez to feel very quick and sharp on the ball, especially when coupled with his great dribbling stats.

With 4* Skills and 4* Weak Foot, as well as 92 Ball Control and 92 Dribbling, Tevez will be a very tricky player to contain, and being 5’7”, expect his turns to be even sharper thanks to his lower centre of gravity.

A massive plus to this card has to be his shooting. Backed up with 97 Composure, his 91 Positioning, 91 Finishing and 95 Shot Power really do make him a clinical finisher once inside the box, and with the Finesse Shot Trait, he rarely missed chances for me.

Finally, there’s his passing, which is definitely usable, with CAM being his default position. 89 Short Passing and 85 Vision proved to be more than enough.

Tevez’s Best Position & Role

Tevez is quite a versatile card in the attack, with his best roles being either a central CAM in a 4-2-3-1/4-1-2-1-2, or a striker in a 2 striker formation.

His passing stats do certainly allow you to play him behind the strikers, however, with his agility and finishing ability, I found that he’d be very well served getting on the end of attacks. I’d be sure to partner him with another striker, to take advantage of his passing with quick 1-2 moves.

Tevez Squad Links
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With all of the new CONMEBOL content that’s been released over the past few days, it’s certainly very easy to link Tevez into a squad with a number of the new meta Argentinians.

Going forward, 91 Lopez provides a solid strike partner, with 91 Salvio providing a more than capable wide option as a strong link. Moving further back, 88 Perez, 88 Lopez and 88 Bustos are all great players to link Tevez to the defence and are all available in the newly released Copa Libertadores and Sudamericana League SBCs.

Tevez’s Price

Valued currently around 950,000 Coins on PS4, and 875,000 Coins on Xbox, this Tevez card certainly isn’t cheap, however, for a Team of the Season quality Carlos Tevez, I’m sure people would be willing to pay the price.

Over the coming days and weeks, expect this card to drop in value as we get closer to Team of the Season, so if you’re desperate to pick him up, but are low on coins, never fear, he should begin to get cheaper.

Value Rating out of 10

Unfortunately, being a new card, Tevez at the moment is a little too expensive, despite being a brilliant card in-game. 

If you’re looking at meta players, when you consider that 92 Neymar is only 580,000 coins, nearly 400k less than Tevez, it’s a no brainer really to go for the Brazilian.


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