FIFA 20: 89 Yannick Carrasco Storyline Player Review

As players near their final Level 30 Rewards in Season 5 of FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, it’s time to start looking at which player you should consider taking out of Fred, Belotti and Carrasco. 

Here’s our next player review out of the 3, looking at the pacey Belgian winger for Atletico Madrid, Yannick Carrasco. 

Carrasco 89 Card
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Carrasco In-Game Stats & Analysis

Carrasco In-Game Stats
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Carrasco has a tonne of stats that make him a really top option out on the left hand side for a La Liga team, let’s take a closer look!

Starting off, his 94 pace, made up of 95 Acceleration and 94 Sprint Speed is more than enough to breeze past opposition full backs and defenders.

His 93 dribbling on his card is a big positive, with 97 Agility, 88 Reactions, 94 Ball Control and 95 Dribbling, however there is a slight concern over his 76 Balance, which is a little low. His other insane dribbling stats will help him though.

Moving onto his shooting, 88 Positioning, 88 Finishing, 93 Shot Power and 85 Long Shots are very, very good for a wide man, and will serve Carrasco well when cutting inside onto his right foot from the left hand side. 81 Composure is a little low, but he should still score most chances.

Finally, his 86 passing is more than adequate, with 81 Vision, 89 Crossing, 90 Free Kicks, 92 Curve and 86 Short Passing. More than enough to serve him in the attack.

For chemistry styles, I’d be looking to apply a Deadeye, to increase his shooting and passing into the high 90s, given that his pace and dribbling are more than high enough already to make Carrasco a top option out wide.

Carrasco’s Best Position & Role

As a pacey winger that can cut inside onto his stronger right foot, Carrasco is definitely served high up the pitch, in any 433 formation, as well as the 4321, and also as a left attacking midfielder in a 4231 if you’re willing to switch things up in game. 

His pace and technical ability will serve him very well in FIFA 20, so if you’re in need of a top La Liga left midfielder, Carrasco is your man!

Carrasco Squad Links
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Playing in La Liga makes Carrasco very easy to link into teams, however if you’re specifically looking for strong links to the Belgian, you’re going to be looking exclusively at his Atletico Madrid clubmates.

Up top, there’s nobody better than Future Stars 92 Joao Felix, who has everything you’ll need in an attacker. To link into the centre midfield positions, both Headliners 88 Saul and Road to the Final 88 Partey offer incredible box to box CM options. Finally, Future Stars 87 Renan Lodi is a top LB option to get a strong link with Carrasco.

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