FIFA 20: 89 Fred Storyline Player Review

As players near their final Level 30 Rewards in Season 5 of FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, it’s time to start looking at which player you should consider taking out of Fred, Belotti and Carrasco. 

Here’s the first player review out of the 3, looking at Manchester United’s Brazilian maestro, 89 Fred.

Fred Card
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Fred In-Game Stats & Analysis

Fred In-Game Stats
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Despite being an 89 rated card, Fred doesn’t have the most insane of card stats, with only 1 stat above the 89 overall rating. However, he does have some very key stats to make him a strong option in-game.

Starting with his dribbling, his 93 Agility, 97 Balance, 90 Reactions and 91 Ball Control make him a very strong player on the ball, and will allow for quick turns to create space. When coupled with his 4* Skill Moves, he will be a very tricky player to get the ball off.

Moving onto his passing, despite only having 86 passing on the card, he does possess 87 Vision, 90 Short Passing and 90 Long Passing, which are more than adequate for a CM, and can obviously be boosted with a Maestro chemistry style.

His shooting is passable for a box-to-box style CM, with 81 Finishing, 86 Shot Power and 84 Long Shots, however I’d recommend using this Fred card as a more defensive option.

Looking at his defensive abilities, with only 83 defence on his card, you may think he’s not up to the task, however with 87 Interceptions, 83 Defensive Awareness and 89 Standing Tackling, Fred is more than capable of doing a job at the back.

With 90 Jumping, 92 Stamina and 85 Aggression also included in the physical side of things, Fred will be a strong player in the midfield, winning the ball back and moving up and down the pitch.

In terms of chemistry styles, the choice is really yours, depending on whether you want Fred to be more defensive or attacking in your system. Either a Maestro or Backbone look best to me, as they allow for bigger boosts to his passing stats.

Fred’s Best Position & Role

As a CM, Fred can play pretty much any role you need him to in the midfield. The best two roles would be either as a box-to-box CM in a 41212 Narrow, or as a slightly more attacking CDM in a 4231.

His technical ability with his dribbling and passing means that he’s more than just a bog standard CDM, allowing him to push further up the pitch to get involved with the attacks. 

Fred Squad Links
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Playing in the Premier League for Manchester United, as well as being Brazilian, Fred is very easy to link into teams with a number of top tier strong links available.

From Manchester United, you’re blessed with tonnes of great options to use. Future Stars 90 Greenwood as well as February POTM 90 Bruno Fernandes are both exciting options to link Fred to going forward, with In-Form 84 Wan-Bissaka offering a top RB strong link.

For Brazilians in the Premier League, you’re spoilt for choice, with Shapeshifters 90 Richarlison being one of the more meta Premier League attackers, and Shapeshifters 87 Lucas plus Future Stars 90 Martinelli providing pace out wide to link Fred to. Defensively, I’d look no further than the Flashback 90 David Luiz if you’ve completed his SBC.

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