FIFA 20: 88 Kai Havertz In-Form Player Review

Despite a short delay yesterday, Team of the Week 26 was finally released into FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, bringing a number of popular new players into FUT, including 88 In-Form Kai Havertz, with a new ST position change!

Here’s our review on the 88 IF Kai Havertz.

Havertz Card
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Havertz In-Game Stats & Analysis

Havertz In Game Stats
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Havertz has been a massively popular card this year, and is constantly being rumoured with high profile transfers, but how does this card look for this years’ FUT meta?

First of all, let’s talk about his in-game physicality and stature. Being 6’2” as a central attacker with 4* Skills and 4* Weak Foot is certainly a big positive, however he does only have 69 Strength despite his height, which is slightly disappointing.

His 88 pace on card looks good, however he does only have 80 Acceleration, despite having 93 Sprint Speed. This will limit his speed off the mark somewhat, making him feel a little clunkier than desired.

Couple his lower acceleration with 81 Agility and 76 Balance, along with his taller frame, he may feel slightly slower in game when turning, which is a real shame.

Luckily, he’s redeemed more with his technical stats. 90 Positioning, 88 Finishing and 88 Composure will be major positives to get Havertz into and to finish goal scoring opportunities.

Furthermore, his 92 Short Passing, 89 Vision and 86 Curve will be very good in helping to link together attacking moves, and with 91 Ball Control, 88 Dribbling and 85 Reactions, he’ll be able to control the ball quickly and move it off, allowing for quick tiki-taka patterns of play.

If you’re looking at chemistry styles, you can go 1 of 2 ways. Either apply a Hunter to increase his acceleration to 90, and get his shooting up a lot, if you’re looking for a more attacking player. Or, if you’re looking for more of a playmaker, apply an Engine to boost his passing and dribbling a little more.

Havertz’s Best Position & Role

Despite being set as a ST on his new 88 In-Form, I’d be looking to play Havertz a little deeper as a Central CAM in formations such as a 41212, 4231, 4312 or 433(4).

I think the CAM position allows Havertz to use his passing stats a little more than as an out and out finisher, plus he can get a little more time and space on the ball to turn, which he’ll need with his lower than average agility and balance.

Havertz Squad Links
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Being German in the Bundesliga for Leverkusen makes Havertz a really easy player to link into teams, with plenty of top tier strong links to take advantage of.

Up top in attack, fellow Germans in 90 Werner and 91 Reus provide everything you need, with pace and technical ability. In the midfield, you have plenty of solid box-to-box midfielder options, with Leverkusen midfielder 89 Palacios and Bayern’s 88 Goretzka being the best options available. In defensive midfield, for those that have completed 90 Kimmich in SBCs recently, Havertz links very well indeed. 

Havertz’s Price

Valued currently around 90,000 Coins on PS4, and 95,000 Coins on Xbox, this Havertz card isn’t bad value at all, considering his popularity and the fact that this is currently his best item in FUT. 

While other Bundesliga CAMs are available, in Reus, Future Stars Dani Olmo and Coutinho, Havertz is currently the cheapest special card out of them.

Value Rating out of 10

I really like this Havertz card for the price you’re paying. At under 100k, he’s very easily obtainable for most of the FUT player base, and can definitely add something to your squad.


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