FIFA 20: 84 Allan Saint-Maximin In-Form Player Review

Despite a short delay yesterday, Team of the Week 26 was finally released into FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, bringing a number of popular new players into FUT, including 84 In-Form Allan Saint-Maximin, with a LM position change.

Saint Maximin Card
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Saint-Maximin In-Game Stats & Analysis

Saint Maximin In Game Stats
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Saint-Maximin has arguably been Newcastle’s most exciting player this season with his skills and dribbling abilities, but do they transition over to FUT? 

Well let’s start off with his dribbling stats. With 98 Agility, 91 Balance, 95 Dribbling and an all important 5* Skill Moves, Saint-Maximin will be a tricky winger to handle. 

Couple his dribbling abilities with his 96 Acceleration and 96 Sprint Speed, he’ll be rapid in game, will turn super quick, and will be a great addition to your squad.

Moving into other technical stats, his shooting isn’t great, but can be improved with a chemistry style. Only 78 Finishing isn’t a great stat, however it can be boosted, and he does have an impressive 85 Composure.

His passing isn’t the best at only 78 on card, with 78 Vision, 73 Crossing, 83 Short Passing and 80 Long Passing, however, like his shooting, this can be boosted with a chemistry style.

I’d be looking to play Saint-Maximin with a Deadeye to improve the shooting and passing stats.

Saint Maximin’s Best Position & Role

Now positioned on the left hand side, you can always consider playing Saint-Maximin as a LW in a 433 or a 4321, however, if you’re willing to change your formation via custom tactics, you can easily play him as a left or right CAM in a 4231.

With his pace and skills, I think Saint-Maximin is definitely best served out wide, charging down the line to get 1v1 against the full back to utilise his skill moves.

Saint Maximin Links
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As a Frenchman in the Premier League, Saint-Maximin has a number of decent links you can utilise to get him into your squad.

The main link that you’ll likely be using would be a strong link to Headliner 86 Digne, who offers a well rounded defensive strong link. As far as French midfielders in the Premier League go, you have plenty to choose from, with 97 Kante, 88 Pogba and 86 Doucoure, as well as the FUTMAS 84 Sissoko being incredible links into the midfield. As a CAM, the new MOTM 83 Almiron is a solid option, offering pace and technical ability. Finally, as French STs go, 85 Martial is one of the best options, fitting the FUT 20 meta very well.

Saint-Maximin’s Price

Valued currently around 150,000 Coins on PS4, and 140,000 Coins on Xbox, this Saint-Maximin is certainly a tad expensive for an 84 rated card, however this is understandable given his pace and 5* skill moves combination in a popular league and nation.

The only issue for me, is for that price, you can get an 85 Rashford, who also plays on the left hand side, but has far better shooting statistics.

Value Rating out of 10

I really do like this Saint-Maximin card. His pace and dribbling combination with his 5* skill moves certainly make him a threat, however he does lack end product for me, and with someone like Rashford who offers all that Saint-Maximin can, it does beg the question if the Frenchman is a little overpriced currently.


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