FIFA 19 Career Mode: Best young attacking midfielders (CAM) to sign

Looking to build your team around a young no. 10 for the future? Have a look at ALL the best young attacking midfielders (CAM) on FIFA 19’s Career Mode.

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The most creative man on the pitch will be the attacking midfielder. The number 10 orchestrates the attack and is tasked with unlocking the defence. Attacking midfielders will get better with age, but in their youth, the added movement and lack of fear can allow them to create opportunities for themselves – think Paulo Dybala (OVR 89), who appeared in our best young attacking midfielders last year. 

How to choose the best young attacking midfielders (CAMs) on FIFA 19 Career Mode

These are the best young attacking midfielders (CAMs) aged 23 and under at the start of FIFA 19’s Career Mode. They are all rated at least 75 but have the potential to hit a minimum of 80. This means they are useful squad players who can be used in rotation at the moment and can blossom into top quality performers. 

Do note players can outgrow their potentials on Career Mode, but they must perform considerably well for an extended period. High potential players do not come cheap however, so do prepared to splash the cash in bringing them in. It will be worth it in the long run, with these men able to perform for your club for close to a decade and become the best on the planet.

For a full list of ALL the best young attacking midfielders (CAMs) on Career Mode, look at the table at the end of this page. 

Dele Alli (OVR 84 – POT 90)

Age: 22

Positions: CAM

Club: Tottenham Hotspur

Country: England

Work rate: High/Medium

Best stats: 90 stamina, 86 positioning, 86 composure

Cost: £70 million

Wage: £110,000 a week

Dele Alli moves up from third to the best young CAM on the game, but the England international hasn’t seen his overall or potential rise since last year. That looks a touch harsh on a player who scored 14 goals and grabbed 17 assists last season, but there is a sense the 22-year-old isn’t as vital at Tottenham than he was in the past. 

Dele holds abilities of 90 stamina, 86 positioning and 86 composure on FIFA 19, giving him an overall of 84. This can improve to a very strong 90 potential, meaning the attacking midfielder will cost you around £70 million with wages of £110,000 a week. 

Bruno Fernandes (OVR 83 – POT 87)

Age: 23

Positions: CAM, CM

Club: Sporting Lisbon

Country: Portugal

Work rate: High/Medium

Best stats: 89 stamina, 88 long shots, 87 shot power

Cost: £50 million

Wage: £16,000 a week

With many top stars leaving Sporting Lisbon over the summer, there is a lot of pressure on Bruno Fernandes’ shoulders. The attacking or central midfielder had a very strong campaign, scoring 16 goals and bagging 20 assists in his first season at the club, causing his FIFA 19 rating to climb from 78 to 83.

His new overall can continue to rise to an 87 potential, so his abilities of 89 stamina, 88 long shots and 87 shot power. You can sign the Portuguese for around £50 million on Career Mode, but expect a big rise in his £16,000 a week wages. 

Pablo Fornals (OVR 81 – POT 86)

Age: 22

Positions: CAM, CM, LM, RM

Club: Villarreal

Country: Spain

Work rate: High/High

Best stats: 86 vision, 84 short passing, 81 ball control

Cost: £35 million

Wage: £32,000 a week

A versatile player, Pablo Fornals is one of the hardest working players in La Liga. Four goals last season for Villarreal may not look promising, but 13 assists shows he as an eye for a pass.

Fornals can operate as an attacking, central, left or right midfielder, and his high work rate in both defence and attack make him a serious asset to your squad. £35 million is needed for the 22-year-old, but for his £32,000 a week wages you will get his abilities of 86 vision, 84 short passing and 81 ball control. Those give the Spanish international an 81 overall which can improve to a potential of 86. 

Kai Havertz (OVR 79 – POT 88)

Age: 19

Positions: CAM, RM, CF

Club: Bayer Leverkusen

Country: Bayer Leverkusen

Work rate: Medium/Medium

Best stats: 83 vision, 82 short passing, 81 dribbling

Cost: £28 million

Wage: £36,000 a week

Just 19, Kai Havertz has a bright future ahead of him. Already a full German international, Havertz had a hand in 13 goals for Bayer Leverkusen last season, and with that figure already at five in the current campaign, expect him to top that this year.

Havertz’s stats of 83 vision, 82 short passing and 81 dribbling take his overall to 79 on the game, with his potential of 88 making him a player you need to consider. He also holds versatility, able to operate as an attacking or right midfielder and centre forward. You are looking at a price of £28 million to sign him with wages of £36,000 a week.

Bruma (OVR 79 – POT 83)

Age: 23

Positions: CAM, LM

Club: RB Leipzig

Country: Portugal

Work rate: High/Medium

Best stats: 94 acceleration, 93 agility, 91 sprint speed

Cost: £19 million

Wage: £48,000 a week

More of a wide player than an attacking midfielder, but RB Leipzig’s 4-2-2-2 formation means the Portuguese Bruma’s position has changed to CAM for FIFA 19. A different type of player to the other number 10s, the Portuguese international has tremendous pace and is used to provide the width in Leipzig’s narrow system.

Bruma stats of 94 acceleration, 93 agility and 91 sprint speed give Bruma a 79 overall (OVR 81 as an LW), which can rise to a potential of 83 on Career Mode. £19 million is a great price for the speedster who comes with wages of £48,000 a week.

Filip Krovinovic (OVR 78 – POT 85)

Age: 23

Positions: CAM, CM

Club: Benfica

Country: Croatia

Work rate: High/Medium

Best stats: 83 composure, 81 ball control, 80 vision

Cost: £20 million

Wage: £11,000 a week

Filip Krovinovic has seen both his overall and potential improve for FIFA 19, despite making just 19 appearances for Benfica last season. In that time, the 23-year-old Croatian scored just two goals and made one assist, looking a shadow of the player who scored five goals and created a further three for a struggling Rio Ave side the previous season.

Attacking or central midfielder Krovinovic can be snatched from Benfica for around £20 million, with wages starting at £11,000 a week. Abilities of 83 composure, 81 ball control and 80 vision take his overall to 78 which can improve to an 85 potential.

Nadiem Amiri (OVR 78 – POT 85)

Age: 21

Positions: CAM, CM

Club: Hoffenheim

Country: Germany

Work rate: Medium/Medium

Best stats: 85 dribbling, 81 ball control, 79 agility

Cost: £20 million

Wage: £26,000 a week

Nadiem Amiri is a regular for Hoffenheim, having made just over 100 appearances for the club aged just 21. In that time he has scored 10 goals and notched 11 assists, but expect those stats to grow as he continues to improve. 

German U21 international Amiri has a 78 overall on the game which can rise to a potential of 85. Stats of 85 dribbling, 81 ball control and 79 agility make him a direct attacking or central midfielder, meaning he will cost around £20 million with wages upwards of £26,000 a week. 

Valentin Rongier (OVR 78 – POT 84)

Age: 23

Positions: CAM, CDM, CM

Club: Nantes

Country: France

Work rate: Medium/High

Best stats: 90 balance, 84 standing tackle, 81 short passing

Cost: £18 million

Wage: £23,000 a week

Captain of Nantes aged only 23, Valentin Rongier shows great versatility and composure in the middle of the park. A defensive number 10, Rongier isn’t a goal scorer nor creator, grabbing just one goal and no assists last season.

On FIFA 19, look to use Rongier as a box to box midfielder, to make the most use of his 90 balance, 84 standing tackle and 81 short passing. Those stats, coupled with his high defensive work rate and ability to play as a defensive or central midfielder suggest he will move deeper as his career develops. £18 million and wages starting at £23,000 a week can get you the Frenchman. 

Alexey Miranchuk (OVR 77 – POT 82)

Age: 22

Positions: CAM, ST

Club: Lokomotiv Moscow

Country: Russia

Work rate: Medium/Medium

Best stats: 82 short passing, 80 vision, 79 ball control

Cost: £15 million

Wage: £880 a week

A much more attacking midfielder is Alexey Miranchuk, who can also operate as a striker. The 22-year-old scored eight goals and created a further 11 at Lokomotiv Moscow last season, earning him a spot in Russia’s World Cup squad.

Miranchuk’s 77 overall rating can improve to a potential of 82, with his best stats being 82 short passing, 80 vision and 79 ball control. £15 million is needed to sign him, but his £880 a week wages will improve tremendously. 

Gaston Pereiro (OVR 77 – POT 82)

Age: 23

Positions: CAM, RW

Club: PSV Eindhoven

Country: Uruguay

Work rate: Medium/Low

Best stats: 83 ball control, 81 shot power, 79 dribbling

Cost: £15 million

Wage: £15,000 a week

It’s been a blistering start to the season for PSV Eindhoven’s Gaston Pereiro, with the 23-year-old scoring five goals and grabbing two assists in the first seven Eredivisie games of the season. 42 goals and 16 assists in his PSV career his superb, and if the attacking midfielder or right winger continues this, it won’t be long before he is snapped up elsewhere in Europe. 

Uruguayan international Pereiro has a 77 overall rating, which can rise to an 82 potential. Stats of 83 ball control, 81 shot power and 79 dribbling cost £15 million with wages of £15,000 a week, but be mindful of his low defensive work rate. 

All the best young attacking midfielders (CAM) on FIFA 19

Dele Alli22CAMSpursEngland8490£70m£110k
Bruno Fernandes23CAM
Sporting LisbonPortugal8387£50m£16k
Pablo Fornals22CAM
Kai Havertz19CAM
Bayer LeverkusenGermany7988£28m£36k
RB LeipzigPortugal7983£19m£48k
Filip Krovinovic22CAM
Nadiem Amiri21CAM
Valentin Rongier23CAM
Gaston Pereiro23CAM
Alexey Miranchuk22CAM
Lokomotiv MoscowRussia7782£15m£880
Yusuf Yazici21CAM
Ante Coric21CAMRomaCroatia7688£20m£42k
Francisco Geraldes23CAMEintracht Frankfurt*Portugal7683n/a£12k
Donny van de Beek21CAM
James Maddison21CAMLeicesterEngland7685£16m£47k
Albert Rusnak23CAM
Real Salt LakeSlovakia7680£12m£8k
Jack Grealish22CAM
Aston VillaEngland7684£15m£19k
Guus Til20CAM
AZ AlkmaarHolland7582£12m£11k
NY Red BullsParaguay7583£13.5m£7k
Gabriel Boschilia22CAM
Yassine Benzia23CAM


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