FIFA 18: Six Key Points

FIFA 18 is going to feature new and more diverse team styles, improvements in presentation, more accurate player personalities, better dribbling, an enhancement of The Journey, and a port to the Nintendo Switch.

Something to consider about games involving sports leagues is that they’re released a few months before the year of the title (i.e., FIFA 18 releases this year). Other than FIFA Coins, what are the things players can look forward to in the most recent version of the biggest soccer league? Let’s dive into the six things.

Team Styles, Frostbite, and Superstars

  1. Team Styles: a bump up in both the number of team styles and the level of tactics employed by the AI. For team styles, tiki-taka and high press are the only ones. There are going to be more play styles and incentives for players to play offline modes. More games mean more FIFA Coins.
  2. Frostbite: the graphics and visuals won’t be a huge leap compared to FIFA 17, considering that the game will be using the same Frostbite Engine, which was in the previous game and many other EA games. A not-so-huge leap, however, is still a leap. Besides, not everything is all about raw graphical power. FIFA 18’s improvements over 17 are more focused on how the game is presented, not merely appearance. The game captures the atmosphere that real sports give off, from the crowd to the commentators, and everything in between.
  3. Superstars: player’s personalities are getting an upgrade, specifically, the character models that are based on real-life players. Ronaldo has his signature sprint, Sterling does a one-of-a-kind turn, and Griezmann pulls off techniques the way only he can. After all, a FIFA game isn’t complete without its superstars, and they can’t be glorified unless their moves are up-to-par.

Better Ball Handling and Storytelling

  1. Ball Handling: dribbling, while it may not seem ordinary, it’s an aspect that plays a significant role in the game. Electronic Arts (EA) will overhaul the dribbling system, allowing players to “inject more creativity into 1v1 situations.” We’re still wondering how this will work, but it’s something we’re looking forward to experimenting. Who would think we’d look forward to something mundane as dribbling a soccer ball.
  2. Story Telling: The Journey, which is FIFA’s campaign/story mode, gets improvements, such as the return of Alex Hunter. For this time around in FIFA 18, there will be more superstars, new and more diverse locations, and it’s even speculated to have some real-life footages as cut scenes. As for FIFA fans, they’re hoping that they can create a character for The Journey (they’ll probably know if it’s a yes or a no in the near future.)

A Switch in the System

  1. Nintendo Switch: FIFA 18 is coming on the newest handheld-console. With the Nintendo Switch, players can bring the fields, stadiums, and world championships anywhere.

FIFA games always bring excitement, and this one is no different. Then again, it’s only right for FIFA 18 to get the same hype as previous games, if not more since its making improvements. Man, if only September can come sooner. On a positive note, three months is not a long wait because time flies.


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