FIFA 18 predicts: Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich, Champions League semifinals

Who can call the winner between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich? We’ve let FIFA 18 decide over three simmed games between the Champions League semifinalists.

Alastair Pusinelli by Alastair Pusinelli

Many see the Champions League semifinal clash between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich as the decider for the competition. Of course, Liverpool will have something to say about that, but you cannot argue with the pedigree of Real and Bayern, who have shared four of the last five Champions League wins.

With very little separating the two sides, it’s so hard to call a winner. We’ve put FIFA 18 to the test to see if the EA Sports tile can predict who will win the first leg.



We simmed three matches between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, taking the total score from the three games. Four minutes halves, fast game speed and handballs on.

The two lineups featured only the player available for the Champions League clash, meaning no Manuel Neuer and Arturo Vidal for Bayern. 


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