FIFA 18 Ultimate Team: Best ways to earn coins

In a rut in Ultimate Team? We’ve got tips for the best ways to earn Ultimate Team coins, and you will have Ronaldo, Messi and Suarez up front in no time. (No guarantees).

Alastair Pusinelli by Alastair Pusinelli

FIFA Ultimate Team. It is the barometer of how great a player you are. It combines the skill of playing with the managerial nous on the transfer market. But, starting off in Ultimate Team is never easy, especially if you are late to the FIFA 18 party. Still stuck with a rubbish team with low chemistry? Can’t seem to get out of the division? Well, RealSport shows you the five best ways to earn coins.


Tear up Single Player mode

It may be a touch boring compared to the online seasons, but if you feel that you are in a slight hole, going offline may be the best thing for you. Regardless of what team you have, you should be able to get through the first four or five seasons without any trouble, with regular coins coming in for your performances. Plus, the more goals you score and clean sheets you keep the more coins you receive. Aside from the seasons, look at the featured tournaments and what they offer, as that could lead to more rewards. If you fancy moving away from the seasons or tournaments, or just want to try out some new players, taking on the Team of the Week can be a fun option. The higher the difficulty you challenge the more coins you will receive.

Coin boosts with Football Club Credits

Whether you are playing Ultimate Team, Career Mode, The Journey or just simple Kick-Off, you are constantly picking up EA Sports Football Club Credits. With these, you can purchase Ultimate Team coin boosts which will give you bonus coins for a certain number of matches. Click the right analog stick to bring up the Store and select one of the coin boosts. Just keep track of how many games you have got left with the boost, and when it runs out, go and purchase another one.

The Ultimate Team Transfer Market

It’s the hardest aspect to get right, but at the same time, there isn’t a wrong option on the transfer market. If you want to hoard players you can do so, but if you want to pick up a lot of coins, you have to be ruthless. I’m talking about the shrewd business of purchasing players just for the sake of selling them on for a hefty fee. Look at real life fixtures and take a gamble on players who could perform. If they do, they will become more popular on Ultimate Team and you can sell them for more. For example, if Everton are facing Manchester City at the weekend, think about bringing in a Wayne Rooney, Kevin De Bruyne and Raheem Sterling and sell them on. 

You can be even more calculated than that by trying to get players on the cheap. This requires a lot of patience as you may need to bid on ten of the same player before you are successful. But if you can snap up a player for a few hundred less than their ‘buy-now’ price, you are on to a winner. Simply sell them on for a profit and repeat the process.

In order to not waste your time, you need to identify players which won’t sell on the transfer market. With the new squad building challenges, there is a reluctance to let players leave, but a 71 rated left back from Japan isn’t going to get you much either way. Quick sell these types of players to at least earn a small price.


Never quit!

Being whipped 5-0 and it’s only half-time? Two words of advice: DON’T QUIT! Quitting affects your DNF (Did Not Finish) multiplier. The coins you receive from a match is multiplied by this, so the more times you quit, the more coins you will lose. If you really can’t be bothered to play anymore during a match, just set the controller down and let your opponent play on. You may lose by 10 goals or more but it is better than the alternative.

The last resort: open the cheque book

If you are really struggling or just want a head start on FIFA Ultimate Team, you can always pay with real life money for FIFA Points. FIFA Points allow you to purchase packs and Draft Entries. A gold pack will therefore cost you 79p, a premium about £1.00, and a special around £2.00 depending on how many FIFA Points you buy in one go. You can then either just quick sell, place on the transfer market or keep the players you receive, but there is no guarantee you will receive a top or rare player. So this can take a long time, and prove to be very expensive. Eventually, your mates may say you are the Manchester City of Ultimate Team, buying your success, but who cares when you have a 99-rated In Form Cristiano Ronaldo, even if it cost you £200 worth of FIFA Points.


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