EA Sports FC - This feature simply MUST be added for EA Ultimate Team

Following the dispute between EA and FIFA, we now know that EA Sports FC is the future of the franchise.

We hope this gives EA the chance to implement some innovative new features within Ultimate Team as the game mode has become somewhat stagnant in recent years.

So, we're taking a look at one unique feature that EA simply must add to Ultimate Team in EA Sports FC.

The Super Sub trait

As you probably already know, substitutes in Ultimate Team receive no Chemistry Style-based stat boosts.

This means they can fall well behind the rest of your opponent's squad if everybody is on full chemistry once the Chemistry Style boosts are applied.

So, we propose the 'Super Sub' trait.

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Credit: IMPACT PLAYER - Bale's End of an Era card is the ultimate super sup in FUT 23

The Super Sub trait will be applicable to just one substitute of your choosing.

The Super Sub trait can be applied in-game and is only active after the 70th minute.

This prevents players from abusing the trait within the first half to gain an unfair advantage over their opponent.

Comeback kings

The Super Sub trait will be an excellent addition to the game mode as it will create more exciting matches within Ultimate Team.

The idea is that your Super Sub can have a real impact on proceedings late on in an important fixture, for example in a crucial FUT Champions match.

The addition of the Super Sub trait will hopefully create more late drama than we currently see in the game, as players' juiced-up cards will be able to breeze past opponents and score last-minute goals.

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SCENES - Who doesn't love a last-minute winner?!

This will mean we'll see more comebacks in Ultimate Team - creating a more interesting game for all.

Players may choose to counteract their opponent's Super Sup attacker by applying their own Super Sub trait to a central defender.

The possibilities are endless, but it is a feature that EA should most definitely consider for their new game.

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