These UCL live items are worth your coins in FUT 21

Champions League football is back in action, so here's everything you need to know about UCL cards in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

Do UCL cards get upgraded?

There are several different types of UCL cards currently in FUT 21, including UCL Rare cards, Non-Rare cards, Team of the Tournament cards and Road to the Final cards.

Only the 'live' items have the potential to receive upgrades in Ultimate Team, these are the UCL Road to the Final cards.

fifa 21 road to the final ucl ultimate team
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ROAD TO THE FINAL: Here is the potential progression of RTTF cards in FUT 21

The highest performing players in the Champions League receive Team of the Tournament cards, these cards' stats are boosted from their base card but are not live items.

UCL Rares and Non-Rares are simply players whose teams are in the Champions League and do not receive any stat boosts from their base card.

How do UCL Road to the Final upgrades work?

All Champions League RTTF items start with an upgrade at the launch of the event.

From there, the player’s Road To The Final item receives a further upgrade each time their team succeeds at select stages throughout the tournament.

fifa 21 Mohamed salah road to the final champions league ultimate team
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EGYPTIAN KING: Here's how Mo Salah's RTTF card could look should Liverpool win the Champions League

Road To The Final players do not need to be selected or have played in each stage to receive an upgrade.

If a player is no longer on the roster of a club in either tournament, they will not receive any further upgrades.

Likewise, if a player’s team gets knocked out of either tournament, they will no longer receive any upgrades.

Once a certain round of the competition is over, Road To The Final items could take up to a few days to update in-game.

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