French flair set to feature in this year's Carniball promo

With EA having confirmed that the Carniball event is on its way to FIFA Mobile, some fans are wondering whether the promo is also arriving on consoles in FIFA 21, so here's everything you need to know.

Is Carniball in FIFA 21?

The Carniball event is not currently in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, but it could be in the coming days.

FIFA 19 ultimate team Franck Ribery carniball
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FLYING FRENCHMAN: FIFA 19's Carniball event saw Franck Ribery recieve an insane card

The Carniball promo celebrates eight festivals from eight different countries and is one of the exciting events in FIFA.

The event is notorious for its colourful card design which we are sure will return with this year's promo.

FIFA 21 Carniball promo release date

FUT 21 is overdue a promo after the Future Stars event ended on Friday, 19 February.

Carniball didn't feature on FIFA 20, so understandably it's release this year was in doubt.

FIFA 21 Mobile carniball ultimate team
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THE WAIT IS OVER: With Carniball arriving in FIFA Mobile, it could be on it's way to consoles very soon

But the confirmation of a FIFA Mobile release has got the FUT community talking.

The FUT 19 edition came on March 8, so a release this Friday, 26 February 26 would be a little early in comparison, but is a definite possibility as it's not a million miles out.

We expect to see a Carniball loading screen drop on Wednesday, 24 February at approximately 6 pm GMT / 1 pm EST or 7:30 pm GMT / 2:30 pm EST.

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