FIFA 21: Why League Objectives Hector Bellerin is a must-have card!

The latest set of League Objectives dropped last night, and they focus on the English Premier League.

Arsenal full-back Hector Bellerin is the man EA have selected to represent the Premier League this year, and you simply have to go out and complete him.

Card Review

Bellerin has seen some incredible upgrades from his base rating on this Objectives card.

The +9 to Hector's physicality is the biggest upgrade on this card, and it's also the most important as it makes his defensive game so much stronger.

Héctor Bellerín 2
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+10 to Bellerin's aggression and +8 to his strength means that he can now go shoulder to shoulder with his opposite number without being brushed off at ease.

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A jump to 93-pace puts Bellerin back on par with FIFA's in years past.

84-rated dribbling and 76-rated passing means that Bellerin will be full value running that overlap down the right flank.

Straightforward Objectives

Last years League Objective players took a real graft to unlock.


This years however, are much more straightforward.

There are five to complete in total, and all of them focus around the latest addition to the FUT Friendly menu, Managerial Masterpiece.

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PACKS! You'll pick up some Two Player Packs along the way too!

There are no crazy squad requirements either, just a full starting XI of Premier League players, and only one of the objectives requires you to actually win matches.

You will have to win 15 in total, which isn't easy. But in return for a card of this quality, you really can't complain.

Hybrid Potential

Bellerins league and nation combination is another reason why you should go and graft to pick him up.

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The Spaniard can easily be fit into a Premier League team, a La Liga team or a Prem/La Liga hybrid.

This makes him all the more valuable and, when you combine this with the fact he is one of the best RB's in game currently and the fact that the Objectives aren't that difficult to complete, there is really no reason to let this go a miss.

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