FIFA 21 Ultimate Team: Will Weekend League be extended after EA Servers issues?

Last night was a bit of disaster for EA.

FIFA fans were left on the edge of their seat waiting for the launch of the Rulebreakers promo, but no sooner had it been released and then disaster struck.

The servers were down for hours upon end, meaning that not only could people not access the new promo, but they couldn't make any progress in the Weekend League competition.

Weekend League Run Time

The Weekend League competition starts at 7am GMT on Friday and runs for 72 hours, ending at 7am GMT on Monday.

Within these hours you can play up to 30 games as you look to rank as highly as possible in time for the Weekend League rewards, which drop at 9am GMT every Thursday.

The issue obviously frustrated many players, who have in turn asked for the Weekend League to be extended.

Well, EA have responded.

Weekend League Extended?

We have good news, the Weekend League will be extended!

EA have stuck with their mantra from when they have experienced similar issues in the past, extended this week's competition by 24 hours.

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So whilst it doesn't make up for a quiet Friday night, at least you won't have to squeeze 30 games in across two days!

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