FIFA 21 Ultimate Team: FUT Champions Points Scheme Explained - Weekend League, Division Rivals, Rewards & more

The first Weekend League of the FIFA 21 year is here, albeit 24 hours late!

'Unforeseen circumstances' lead to the delay, and now EA have been busy explaining how your performances in the Weekend League will affect your points and ranking in Division Rivals.

Here is everything you need to know.

30 Match Limit

The key message communicated by EA is that there is a 30 match limit in terms of scoring your Division Rivals points each week.

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Each Weekend League match that you play will contribute 400 points towards your Division Rivals Weekly Score - regardless of the result.

If you have completed your 30 Division Rivals matches prior to the beginning of the Weekend League then your matches will not contribute towards your Weekly Score.

What does this mean?

Well, in short, it means that FUT Champions players will find it much harder to achieve Rank 1 in Division Rivals.

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You will be capped at a maximum of 12,000 points should you play all 30 Weekend League games prior to playing any in Division Rivals, a tally which is going to fall short of what's needed to achieve Rank 1.

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This means that in order to get those top rewards in Division Rivals, you are going to have to complete a large chunk of your 30 games prior to the start of Weekend League.

Now seeing as the Division Rivals points reset each Thursday, this would mean playing 30 games on a Thursday, before a further 30 throughout the weekend. That's pretty tough!

A more competitive Division Rivals?

A positive that can be drawn from this for those who don't play Weekend League is that it is likely to make Division Rivals far more competitive for those who play the game socially.

Weekend League players are far less likely to spend their time grafting through Division Rivals if there are no points to be accrued, so we could be seeing the 'lesser players' work their way up the division much quicker.

A 'B Weekend League' if you will.

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