FIFA 21 Swaps: EA announce Global Series – Tournaments, Tokens, Rewards & more

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EA have announced the FIFA Global Series, with rewards and more available for your Ultimate Team.

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FIFA Global Series

The FIFA Global Series (FGS) is a tournament that pits FIFA pros and professional footballers against each other!


FIFA Ambassadors like Trent Alexander-Arnold will be paired with pros like Tekkz to compete against other duos.

FGS calendar
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There is a new regional structure, with the event culminating in a four-team tournament.


As in the past there are viewership rewards on offer, but not as we have seen them before.

Viewership Rewards Program

You can earn simple rewards just by watching eligible events.

“The FIFA Global Series Swaps will offer one guaranteed FGS Player Token Item during each eligible event to a viewer who watches 60 or more minutes of that event.”

“Once you earn at least two separate tokens from two separate events, you can then redeem your FGS Player token items for pack rewards in repeatable SBCs.”

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SBC Tokens Reward
A2Premium Gold Pack
B3Prime Electrum Players Pack
C4Mega Pack
D5Jumbo Rare Players Pack

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