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20 Nov 2020

FIFA 21 Season 2: Revealed, Objectives, Packs, Rewards, Storyline Players & more

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New Players

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Storyline Players

Season 2 of FIFA 21 is here with loads of new rewards to earn!

Find out more below.

Release Date

Season 1 on FIFA is over, with Season 2 now underway!

sabitzer storyline
MIDFIELD MAESTRO! Marcel Sabitzer was one of Season 1's Storyline Players

Season 2 began at 5pm UK on Friday, 20 November.


Season Objectives run throughout the duration of the season, with the XP gained going towards the Season Rewards.

There are 30 levels to progress through, with the first few levels super easy to achieve!

bernat storyline
FLYING FULLBACK! PSG's Bernat's Spanish links made him a handy player in Season 1

With each level you reach, you will earn a new reward. These rewards can be vanity items, packs, loan picks and even untradeable player picks!

The best rewards come the higher level you reach, so keep an eye on the daily and weekly objectives too!

New Players

If you reached level 30 in Season 1, you had the choice of three untradeable storyline players.

Arsenal striker Alexandre Lacazette, RB Leipzig midfielder Marcel Sabitzer and PSG left back Juan Bernat were the three options.

lacazette storyline
SUPER STRIKER! Lacazette was the Premier League option in the LVL 30 player pick

Each player had an OVR of 85, with the players in Season 2 rated 86, 86 and 85.

There are also Storyline Player Picks at LVL 15 too, so watch out for those!

Storyline Players

There are two sets of Storyline Players in Season 2, with one set at LVL 15 and another at LVL 30.

LVL 15

Andres Tello (OVR 82)

tello storyline

Jeong Woo Yeong (OVR 82)

yeong storyline

Joseph Aidoo (OVR 82)

aidoo storyline

LVL 30

Iago Aspas (OVR 86)

iago aspas storyline

Alessio Romagnoli (OVR 86)

romagnoli storyline

Naby Keita (OVR 85)

keïta storyline

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