FIFA 21 Rulebreakers Leak: Laporte rumoured as part of Halloween promo

Rulebreakers lands later today, and we can’t wait to see which players are included in this year’s Halloween promo.

Find out more about the latest leak below.


Aymeric Laporte has been confirmed as part of the Rulebreakers promo from a reliable FIFA 21 leak.

fifa 21 rulebreakers laporte
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Having leaked the two flashback cards and multiple TOTW players, has now revealed Laporte on Instagram.

We don’t know his ratings yet, but he is sure to be a popular card with EPL and French connections!


We are pretty sure Harry Kane and Dries Mertens will be part of the promo today.

EA revealed their club’s nationalities and position so they look set to feature. However, there was a mysterious Brazilian with no other information.

FIFA 21 Rulebreakers Reveals Dries Mertens Harry Kane
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THREE MUSKETEERS! We have a good idea on who these players will be

Despite the lack of details, Everton forward Richarlison may have given the game away with a comment made on Instagram.

The Brazilian star’s ‘eyes’ emoji underneath 433esports post suggests he could well be the third player shown in EA’s announcement.

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