FIFA 21: Cries grow louder for change as penalty frustration rises

Anyone who has been playing Ultimate Team recently will likely have conceded a penalty, it is that easy!

The FIFA community has voiced their concerns around the subject, including a current professional footballer! Check it out below.

Title Update #5

There is a new update coming to FIFA 21, but there is no mention of penalties in the Patch Notes!

A host of changes will be coming, with fixes to both Ultimate Team and Career Mode.

fifa 21 next gen felix
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FEEL NEXT! Felix is ready for Next Gen

We will also see 25 players receive new star heads, so keep an eye out for some fresh new looks.

Check out which players are going to receive new star heads here.


Referees on FIFA 21 appear to have been briefed to give penalties for any contact in the box it seems.

Countless stories of ‘just holding L2’ with the attacker barely even stumbling have emerged online, and we at RealSport have been on the receiving end of it too!

FIFA 21 Next Gen Graphics
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FAMILIAR SIGHT! We are seeing lots more penalties being awarded on FIFA 21

There is also the old classic of making a great tackle but then being penalized for contact after despite the ball already being won, as shown by Reddit user rafaelandrade.

It seems like us FIFA fans are not the only ones upset by this issue, with a pro footballer weighing in on the problem too!

Nordi Mukiele

RB Leipzig defender Nordi Mukiele has also joined in the calls for change.

The Frenchman tweeted “PLEASE repairing faults in the penalty area.. I want to cry”.

This echoes how a lot of Ultimate Team fans have been feeling over the past week after a string of seemingly soft penalties.

Fingers crossed EA listen, although Mukiele might be in for a downgrade next season!

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