F1 Esports: Jarno Opmeer talks Alfa Romeo & his partnership with Daniel Bereznay

Having two title-challenging drivers in one team is never easy.

While fans love to watch intra-team rivalries like Senna & Prost, for the teams themselves they can be a nightmare to manage.

When Jarno Opmeer moved to Alfa Romeo this year, the 3rd & 4th place drivers from the 2019 F1 Esports season were suddenly in the same garage...

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HEAD OF THE PACK: Alfa are already showing off their dominance this year

With two drivers taking aim at the same prize, you would expect things to go sideways into the gravel trap. So far though, Daniel Bereznay and Jarno Opmeer have been in perfect harmony.

Two into one doesn't go

After one event, Opmeer leads the way in the standings with 65 points, Berenznay is in third on 33 points, with Red Bull's Marcel Kiefer between the pair.

With three races in the bag, all seems well between the Alfa drivers. They've left enough space when racing, and the results have been remarkable.

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PICTURE PERFECT: Alfa took a dominant 1-2 in the first race this year

"Having a strong teammate is very important in F1 Esports", Opmeer told us in an exclusive interview, "It has been working very well, I think our relationship is very good.

In practice we are pushing each other very hard."

Can the two continue to co-exist? Bereznay has been oh-so close to the Drivers title before, and is the longer-serving of the drivers at Alfa. Opmeer's pace is undoubtedly a challenge he will rise to.

If they want to bring home the bacon though, the two will have to continue to keep it clean on the track.

Team first, drivers second

There is a record $750,000 prize fund in F1 Esports this year, so having success in the Teams Championship is crucial.

That would have been Alfa Romeo's thinking when they added Opmeer to their roster for 2020. But it's easy for such plans to go out of the window when two elite drivers start racing. Alfa has been pretty clear with both drivers though.

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COOL CUSTOMER: Jarno is adapting well to racing from home this year

"We both have quite a clear vision that first goal is to win the Constructors (Teams Championship) and then we can fight for the Drivers after that." Said Opmeer.

Opmeer did confirm to us that most of the time he and Bereznay are on a different strategy. That will obviously help to keep them apart on the track, but if it comes down to one strategy being far better than another in a race we could easily see fireworks.

More of the same?

Event 2 takes place over 4-5 November at the Dutch, Austrian, and Canadian GP tracks. And Opmeer is looking to continue his dominance.

Zandvoort is making its F1 Esports debut this year and is brand new to F1 games too. So how is Jarno dealing with the new circuit?

F1 2020 Zandvoort Turns 10 and 11 Y
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DREAMY: The rolling dunes give Zandvoort an amazing flow

"New tracks are always a bit tricky of course."

That's not holding him back though. "The coming events are going to be very good, for me at least. I felt like I wasn't super strong heading into Event 1 compared to my teammate.

I feel for this event I am a lot more confident in the pace I have."

The whole grid is officially on notice. Jarno Opmeer is coming for the title.

Watch Event 2 of the F1 Esports Pro Series presented by Aramco on 4-5 November live on F1’s official Facebook, YouTube and Twitch channels.

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