F1 2020 Game: Update 1.11 Preview - Performance changes to come in next patch?

The F1 2020 game has been a massive success for Codemasters.

With the current season in full swing, it might be time for them to tweak the car performances within the game, so that they are more in line with the current season.

Current car performance

If you start up a career mode or My Team save in F1 2020 today, things look a little different from your F1 race weekend.

Sure, Mercedes are the #1 car and Red Bull #2, but the gap in performance is not much.

Then there's the fact that Ferrari is #3. Even the biggest Tifosi would have to admit that is incorrect.

F1 2020 game car performance
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WISHFUL THINKING: Ferrari would happily take third right now

The midfield is exceptionally tight, but it could be argued that Racing Point should be a clear #3, with Renault and McLaren fighting for #4 while Ferrari battle with Alpha Tauri and Alfa Romeo behind while Williams & Haas bring up the rear.

Engine performance

The readjustment really needs to happen in one area: Engine performance.

Codemasters has Ferrari as the best power unit on the grid, which is fair coming off the back of the 2019 season, but we are nine races into the 2020 calendar now and it is very clear that the Ferrari PU is the worst on the grid.

f1 2020 engine performance 1
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REALITY CHECK: The Ferrari engine needs a nerf in F1 2020

This is in part due to the delayed nature of the season. Codies usually have half a season of data to balance out their car performances but this year the game arrived before the season even started.

What else could come in next patch?

Codemasters are all caught up on livery changes and they've done a good job of correcting bugs and issues.

As much as we might want Mugello, Imola, and Portimao added to the game that won't be part of the next patch.

Added online stability would be very welcome.

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