F1 2020 Game: George Russell gives seal of approval to new Codemasters game

There's just over a month to go until F1 2020 finally becomes available to gamers!

The official Formula 1 game has loads of hype surrounding it but F1 2020 has perhaps been given its biggest boost yet.

Williams Formula 1 driver George Russell revealed that he was given the chance to test F1 2020. Russell has spoken about this and is a big fan of the game, but what exactly has been said?

F1 2020 is "Super Good"

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HANDLING PERFECTION: The handling model was what particularly impressed Russell

George Russell was a class above the rest in yesterday's Azerbaijan Virtual GP. Russell was so comfortable while leading that he had time to chat to his race engineer about this year's Formula 1 game.

"The 2020 game is super good." He stated on his Twitch livestream.

"You've gotta use the downshifts at the right time, it's so difficult on this game [F1 2019]. There's none of this stupidness [that is in F1 2019]."

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It's no secret that the handling and physics models in F1 2020 have been improved since 2019. To hear this from a current Formula 1 driver, someone whose job it is to drive the real cars, is very reassuring.

This isn't hollow praise either, Russell is extremely quick in F1 2019, almost as fast as the esports racers. Furthermore, like most of the drivers these days, he spends many hours in his team's simulator.

F1 Feedback Improves the F1 Game

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POSITIVE CYCLE: F1 stars have input help to the F1 games in recent years

The upturn in quality of Codemaster's Formula 1 game in recent years hasn't alluded racing gamers. Part of what has caused this is that Codies have been listening to both the fans and the F1 drivers.

Also new for F1 2020 is a more accurate ERS system, that has all stemmed from a conversation Codemasters had with Lando Norris.

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There's little doubt that Russell has been a part of testing out F1 2020, which partly explains how he's so quick in the Virtual GP series!

It's also fair to say that the director of the F1 games, Lee Mather, is happy with Russell's praise:

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F1 2020 will be released on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia on 10 July.

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