Codemasters should add new tracks as DLC for F1 games

The 2020 Formula 1 season is one of the most bizarre in living memory.

Teams traveled to Australia only for the race to be called off, and recently they spent two weeks in the Austrian hills for back-to-back races at the Red Bull Ring.

To make the seasons as long as possible, F1 is adding more and more new tracks, mostly in Europe, to keep the series going.

Recent reports, though unconfirmed by F1, have the teams racing at the Nurburgring, Imola, and Portimao this year.

All are tracks that gamers are desperate to race on too.

The tricky nature of tracks

Codemasters has already said that they won't be adding tracks to F1 2020 in line with the new season.

This is understandable given the exceptional work that has already gone into what is surely a Game of the Year candidate.

Building a track for a game is incredibly painstaking. From corner cambers to lighting, environment, and surface it is impossible to do quickly.

f1 2020 zandvoort
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HARD WORK: Creating Zandvoort & Hanoi was not easy

Other games like Assetto Corsa Competizione only add tracks via DLC, ensuring some money is made for the hard work that goes into faithfully recreating a track.

That paid model also means that developers can take their time and invest in ensuring a high-quality product and not rushing something out that is inferior.

That's the route Codemasters should take to give fans the content they want. There isn't an F1 2020 player around that wouldn't pay £15-20 more for four new tracks in the game. Especially ones as iconic as Mugello and Imola.

New challenges

As amazing as F1 2020 is, it will suffer from the same issues all F1 games do in their life-span: No more challenges.

Once a player has won a world title in career mode and pounded the tarmac online, there is little left to do in the game.

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IMOLA: Other racing games offer the chance to race at the iconic circuit

This is where a mid-season DLC could be useful.

The addition of Mugello, along with the supposed inclusion Nurburgring, Imola, and Portimao, would create that new challenge for players and encourage them to keep racing.

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With the new customisable seasons, it would also let players mix up their calendar from year to year. Adding another sense of realism and personality to the game.

Could it happen for F1 2021?

We know Codemasters aren't adding tracks this year.

They've already done a great job getting Zandvoort and Hanoi into the game. Along with My Team and the improved handling.

Hanoi screenshot F1 2020
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ALL-NEW: The challenge of Hanoi will soon be mastered, but fans always want more circuits

But after two years of heavy innovation, what do they do with F1 2021? It will be the first game built for next-gen after all, so making a splash will be paramount.

Doing so with the tracks F1 fans saw in 2020 could be the way forward.

Adding that layer of personalisation to seasons, a freedom that we haven't seen before, would please everyone.

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