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The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is one which flies under the radar for many F1 fans. The circuit has been a part of the sport for a very long time, and there have been some legendary races there.

The track itself seems simple enough, as much of it is made up of quick chicanes after straight sections. However, each of these chicanes is slightly different. As ever in F1 2020, the devil is in the detail.

Turns 1 & 2

For the first turn at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve you will need to brake immediately after the 100m board on your right. Aim to cut the corner with a little less than half of your car running over the inside kerb.

F1 2020 Canada turn 2 Y
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PATIENCE MAKES PERFECT: Going easy on the power helps throughout turn 2

Your minimum speed for turn 1 itself is around 86mph in 3rd gear, however you will continue to decelerate from this point into turn 2.

Once you get to the start of the inside kerb at turn 2, get on the brakes again. For this corner, you should try to keep as tight a line as you can without running on the inside kerbing at all.

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You should go as low as 45mph in 2nd gear mid-way through the corner. Be careful with the throttle on the exit as the back end likes to kick out here. Make sure you use all the track as you lay down the power gently.

Turns 3 & 4

After a brief uphill sprint you’ll come to the braking zone for turn 3. It’s very important to get this one just right, as braking too late will cause you to run wide and lose you masses of time.

F1 2020 Canada turn 4 Y
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STAY OFF THE GRASS: Running wide at turn 3 will cost you lots of time

Brake 80m before the corner itself for turn 3. You will want to be quite aggressive with cutting the inside of the corner as doing so opens your line nicely for 4.

As you run over the inside kerbing with about half of your car, you should go down to about 115mph in 5th gear.

On the exit of turn 3 and throughout turn 4 itself you should be rapidly building up your throttle application. By the time you're clear of turn 4, you should be at full throttle.

Turns 6 & 7

Turn 5 is a simple flat out corner. The only thing to bear in mind for it is to keep a tight line so that your car will be on the left of the track for the braking zone of turn 6.

F1 2020 Canada turn 6 Y
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HARD MODE: Turns 6 & 7 are the hardest part of the circuit to get exactly right

Start your braking for 6 just after the 100m board. Run your left front wheel along the red and white kerbing on the inside, as this will help the car to rotate around the corner. You should aim to be in 3rd gear at around 67mph for this one.

The exit of turn 6 rapidly becomes turn 7. Clip the kerb on your right as you turn into 7. Any more than a clip, though, and you may find the car spinning around.

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As you go through 7, you should be winding on the power. The track here can be very slippery, so be careful.

Turns 8 & 9

After the DRS straight you will reach turn 8. Here, you need to brake just as you go under the bridge. You should aim to lean on the inside kerb for turn 8 without touching the orange sausage kerb on the right-hand side.

F1 2020 Canada turn 8 Y
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FORGIVING DESIGN: The tarmac runoff area at turn 8 will help those who make mistakes

Your minimum speed for turn 8 should be around 105mph in 4th gear. On the exit of 8, you can lean heavily on the orange kerb which is on the inside of turn 9 as you lay down the power through the corner itself.

As soon as your car has landed on the ground after going over this kerb, you should be at maximum throttle.

Turn 10

Once again, it is just after the 100m board that you will need to brake for turn 10. At the apex of the hairpin, your speed should be around 40mph and you should briefly go as low as 1st gear here.

F1 2020 Canada turn 10 Y
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AROUND WE GO: The hairpin is one of the most iconic parts of the circuit

Be careful on the exit that you don’t hit the wall on the left by putting the power down too early. Make sure you have enough space before slamming the throttle down. Your exit here is very important for the long straight that follows.

Turns 12 & 13

Turn 11 is the small kink in the road on the exit of 10 so turn 12 is the next thing you need to think about.

F1 2020 Canada turn 11 and 12 Y
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BUMPY RIDE: The kerbs at the final chicane are quite vicious

Brake around 80m before the corner. Try to take quite a lot of kerb on the inside of turn 12 so that you can run as straight a line as possible through the final chicane.

You should be reaching 110mph or thereabouts in 5th gear as you get to the corner. By the time you’re in turn 12, you should already be accelerating slightly.

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Continue this acceleration through turn 13. Have the power all the way down by the time you’ve cleared the kerbs. Use as much space as you dare on the exit here, but beware the infamous Wall of Champions!


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