F1 2019: All you need for Codemasters' new game - release, new features, graphics, Career Mode, rivalries, classic cars, VR & more

F1 2018 was a massive step forward for Codemasters. The game received glowing reviews from across the industry, including gamers themselves, and continued to build off the previous versions to make the best racing game around. Small additions like post-race interviews and a redesigned contract system gave F1 2018 a fresh feel while keeping all the strong points from F1 2017 like aggressive AI and gorgeous graphics. But what can fans expect from this year's version? What have Codemasters already told us about F1 2019 ahead of its release?


The most important thing is that we know the release date. Codemasters are usually pretty consistent with the release date, dropping the game in late August when F1 itself is on a Summer break. This year they broke with tradition and are delivering the game two months early. With a release date of Friday, 28 June 2019 and early access for the Legends Edition from Tuesday, 25 June 2019.

This gives gamers the chance to dive into the game and play alongside the F1 2019 Championship and is a welcome piece of news to those that have already exhausted the 10-season Career Mode limit and mastered the game.

Stunning Graphics

F1 2018 looked good, but the teaser shots from F1 2019 look like they were lifted from real life. 

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